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Getting married is a big undertaking that involves lots of preparation beforehand. This ranges from organizing your bachelorette party to choosing the songs for the wedding service and reception.

The music you select will make your special day more memorable and enjoyable – for you and your guests. This article provides some helpful tips on how to pick good songs for your wedding day.

Research popular songs

You'll need to consider the different moments of your wedding, such as walking down the aisle, signing papers, exiting the church and celebrating with friends and family afterward. You can use online music platforms (more on that later) to research popular songs that fit within your desired genre or music style. Look up certain keywords or themes that match up with specific parts of your wedding ceremony or reception.

The internet can provide you with a wide list of romantic ballads and upbeat dance numbers, so take advantage. If you want some sweet country wedding songs, there are specialist websites listing favorite and classic options. You can find a good song to dedicate to your husband, or one that's ideal for walking out to after you're married.

Make it personal

You don't want to simply feature songs that are generic, and played at every wedding. Instead, you want to create a musical collection that's truly unique. Start by gathering a list of potential songs that you and your partner can agree on.

Consider the general sentiment or message you want to convey throughout the day, as well as each other's musical tastes. Maybe one partner has a love for classic rock while the other enjoys disco music. If so, combine them into something that reflects both of you.

Take the time to think about what your favorite love songs are, or which ones convey special memories for both of you. You can also find music that speaks to your personalities and passions, such as a song from a favorite artist that had significance during your courtship. This will give your guests a glimpse into who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Create a playlist

Consider using music streaming services (like Spotify or Apple Music) to find the perfect tunes for your special day. With access to millions of popular and classic songs, you can easily create a customized soundtrack that fits with the atmosphere you’re aiming for. Additionally, many streaming platforms allow you to access curated mixes (playlists) from others.

Don't forget to include “your song” (if you have one) for the first dance. It may be helpful to take specific requests from friends, colleagues or family members that should be included in the lineup. Also, take into consideration what types of genres will appeal most to all guests present at the wedding reception. Pick music with a wide appeal so everyone can join in on the celebration.

Think about incorporating pop hits from recent decades, along with familiar oldies or classics to fill out your playlist. Finally, consider incorporating upbeat tunes throughout dinner and transition periods when necessary. This way, there'll always be something playing in the background.

Consider hiring a DJ or band

When considering these options, it's important to understand what kind of music they specialize in – and what kinds of functions they've played at. Researching the DJ or band’s portfolio can help you determine if their style will match your vision for the wedding. Some may be more experienced in playing certain genres than others, so it's important to discover what music they're most comfortable playing.

It's also important to think about the size and dimensions of your wedding venue. If you're having an outdoor wedding and need sound for a large space, a live band may be better suited than a solo DJ. On the other hand, if you want specific songs played (throughout dinner or during special moments) hiring a DJ may be more suitable. No matter who you chose, ensure that they have clear expectations.

Think about music for the wedding ceremony

Choosing the right entry and exit songs will set the tone and create the right atmosphere for your special day. If you're selecting religious songs, pick something that resonates with you as a couple.

For some Catholic wedding ceremonies, people use traditional hymns like “Ave Maria”.” Modern protestant churches may select popular Christian worship songs such as “In Christ Alone” or “How Great Is Our God.” If you choose songs that others recognize, it'll make it easier for folks to sing along. This way, they'll be more able to fully participate in the proceedings.

If you're looking for non-religious music options, many churches/wedding venues allow secular pieces of music to be played. Some examples include Pachelbel's Canon in D Major or Vivaldi's Spring from The Four Seasons.

Additionally, instrumental versions of popular love songs can provide a beautiful backdrop to your ceremony. If they're not too overpowering, they'll be ideal for such moments as the signing of the register.

Provide dance music during the evening

This is an essential element to consider, as it'll help get people on their feet and keep them there! Think about any genres or specific songs that many of them are likely to recognize. If you add some classic hits into the mix, everyone can join in (regardless of age or taste in music). If you’re unsure what kind of songs would work best for the crowd, research popular dance floor tunes from recent years.

Think about how energetic each song is, otherwise people may slump after all the food and drink. Try to avoid slow ballads or tracks with long intros if it's going to be a long day for people. Instead, select more up-tempo tunes that'll quickly bring out people’s inner dancer.

If either the bride, groom or a close friend has a great singing voice, why not get them to perform a song? Thanks to these helpful tips you should now have a better idea of what to do for your wedding. In turn, there'll be music in abundance, and plenty of happy, dancing folk to celebrate your union. 

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