33 Ways to Child-Proof Your House as a First-Time Mother

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Babies grow so quickly. And it’s very exciting to watch them move around on their own and explore. And even though the point of having kids is to help them become independent individuals, babies and toddlers are not quite ready for your adult pad.

In fact, your everyday set-up can actually be pretty dangerous for your little one. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive checklist with 33 ways to child-proof your home.

It’s an easy way to ensure that your child can embark on all his little expeditions without getting into harm.

  1. Get a baby or toddler’s perspective

The best way to start child-proofing your home is to get down on your hands and knees and see what your home looks like from this perspective. It might seem silly, but this is how your child sees your home.

What’s in his reach? What will he put in his mouth?

If you have your favorite books, decorative objects, and even plants, it’s probably best to keep them up high. Furthermore, if there are small objects in their reach, they can be choking hazards.

  1. Electrical outlets

Cover all electrical outlets with covers and/or electrical tape, especially ones that are low to the ground and easy to reach.

  1. Fasten heavy bookcases, dressers, and appliances to the wall

When babies become mobile, they climb and pull on anything within reach. This can make your shelving units, cases and dressers a life-threatening danger. Be sure to fasten and bolt them securely to the wall so they won’t come tumbling down.

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  1. Designate a place for remotes, phones, and keys

Try to think up things you absolutely need for your home and car. Things like remotes, phones, and keys are irreplaceable and a big hassle if they go missing. Try to find a high place where you can always store these items.

  1. Purses and wallets

When you come home from work, you can’t leave your handbag on the nearest chair or even slumped on the floor. Your child will head right for it and you’ll probably be looking for your keys, iPhone and favorite MAC lipstick before long. Instead, fasten a hook to the wall and hang your bag out of their reach.

  1. Assess Choking Hazards

Things like jewelry, coins, buttons, staples, paperclips, twist-ties, elastics, rubber bands, and bobby pins are banal, everyday items. You know how to use them and you leave it at that. For your baby, these items go straight to the mouth.

Try to become organized and keep these things out of reach! Drawers, shelves, and Tupperware containers can keep them safely stowed away.

  1. Stairways

Put up gates at both the top and bottom of your stairways to prevent falls.

  1. Doors

If you have a screen door, try to have a gate or fixture in place to prevent them from pushing or falling through the screen. Locks and knobs are also imperative to keep children safe inside until you’re ready to go out with them.

  1. Refrigerator

Keep your fridge securely closed with a strong latch.

  1. Tablecloths and table runners

When it comes to these dining accessories, the answer is, “No!” Children can pull them off, along with everything else you keep on them.

  1. Candles

These romantic accessories need to stay up high and completely out of reach!

  1. Kitchen cupboard

You keep everything in your kitchen cupboards, right? Keep little hands out of trouble with latches and locks.

  1. Windows

Always open windows from the top, and keep them securely in place with window stops and window guards.

  1. Toxic cleaning products

It’s best to keep these items either up high, or securely locked away.

  1. Toxic plants

Switch out toxic plants like Philodendron, Lily, and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, with nontoxic varieties. Otherwise, keep them out of reach!

  1. Lead paint

If your home was painted before 1978, check to see if there’s any lead paint on your walls, especially if it’s peeling or flaking. This can prevent lead poisoning.

  1. Beauty and cosmetic products

Whether you buy drugstore dupes or high-end products, keep them safely out of reach. Some products contain toxic ingredients and nasty chemicals that no child should ever eat or play with. This goes for makeup, hair and skin care products, razors, creams and lotions, sprays and perfumes, too.

  1. Hair dryers and straighteners

Always store these appliances away from any and all water sources.

  1. Medicine

Children can easily finish a bottle of medicine if they get a hold of it. This can be extremely dangerous, so keep your medicinal products up high and locked away if possible.

  1. Toilet seat

Lock this seat to prevent falls and/or messes!

  1. Door stops

These humble stops can prevent toes and fingers from getting caught.

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  1. Smoke alarms

Even though you do your absolute best to prevent any accidents, a fire alarm can alert you to any fire threats.

  1. Matches and lighters

Any flammable or fire-inducing items should be kept locked away, and away from flammable products, like cleaning supplies and beauty products.

  1. Stove Safety

Be sure to keep safety covers over your stove knobs. Maybe your child will become a world-famous chef, but not just yet!

  1. Lamps and floor fixtures

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have cool pieces in your home. But be sure to set them up behind furniture.

  1. TV Safety

A good way to keep your toddler and TV safe is to fix it to the wall, or to keep it low and out of reach.

  1. Oven door

Children are curious and creative. To prevent your children from storing their toys and books in the oven, keep it locked to prevent fires.

  1. Separate storage

Keep medicine and cleaning products away from food and drink, especially if you keep everything in your kitchen area.

  1. Padding

When children first learn to crawl and walk, it’s so easy for them to fall and hurt themselves on sharp edges and corners. To prevent injuries, cover all the corners and edges of your walls, tables, chairs, etc.

  1. Long curtains and cords

It’s time to opt for short window treatments. This will prevent your children from reaching, pulling and even choking themselves with curtains and cords.

  1. Bathtub spout

Inside a slippery tub, it’s easy for a baby to slip and hit the faucet. Cute covers can keep her safe and happy.

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  1. Pool and water

Surround your pool with a fence and/or gate. And always be sure to empty buckets or tubs of water as soon as you’re finished using them. Remember to keep buckets and wading pools turned upside down in your yard, to prevent water from collecting.

  1. Child-proof your toys

It might seem redundant to child-proof your toys, but based on your child’s age and developmental stage, some features can be choking hazards, like beads, strings, and ribbons.

Child-proofing your home will keep your little one safe and sound while they grow and explore. What’s more, it will prevent you from unnecessary stress, and leave more time for you to enjoy your child’s company.

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