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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. And even though it feels like its a bit of a way away, the truth is, Christmas is fast-approaching. And so are parties, gatherings, and general festivities. Are you ready for them? Or, perhaps, more importantly, is your wardrobe ready for them?

To help you put together a Christmas party outfit that you love, we’ve got 14 style hacks to give you instant chic this holiday season.

  1. Tulle and Stilletos

For evening parties, or for when you just want to pull out that utterly feminine skirt, tulle and stilettos are a great party outfit. The midi skirt flatters just about every figure, and stilettos add that sexy element which balances the more child-like tulle.

The best part? You can wear just about anything on top, from plaid button-ups, to long sleeve tees, to silk camis.

  1. Plaid Pumps

If you consider yourself a minimalist with a down-played style, you might not want to rock a sequined bodycon dress, but you can still feel festive with a pair of plaid pumps.

This understated pattern is a subtle statement for any outfit. Dress? Check. Pencil skirt? Check. Pantsuit? Also, check! What’s more, they’re a great way to transition between day and evening looks.

  1. The LRD is Always a Winner

We can’t talk about Christmas party outfits without mentioning the LRD, or the Little Red Dress. Red’s an obvious holiday color, and this season, you’re bound to find every imaginable shade of red. Which one is right for you?

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Carol Tuttle is the creator of Dressing Your Truth, a program that helps women discover their own type and to create a wardrobe that honors their unique energy type.

According to Carol, there are four types of women and each type looks absolutely fabulous in certain shades of red. So, before you purchase your LRD, check out Carol’s advice to help you find the perfect color for your LRD.

  1. Don’t Forget About Green

Of course, everyone pulls out red for Christmas time, but let’s not forget about red’s faithful companion who’s not as glamorous: green. There are many ways to pull off green to create a tasteful party outfit without looking like an elf.

A pine-tree green is a beautiful color to wear to an office party. This long sleeved shift dress is subtle, elegant and evocative of old Hollywood glamour.

Green peplum tops paired with black, sequin or lace pencil skirts are another nice way to incorporate green into your party outfit, too.

  1. Cozy Knits with Pencil Skirts

You might like to stay cozy, no matter if they’re popping open the champagne or making warm mugs of hot chocolate. This Christmas Fair Isle Sweater is endearing.

And when you’re donning this playful Christmas knit,  you can’t help but think of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.

Dress it up with a figure-flattering pencil skirt, or keep it casual with jeggings for a fun and warm outfit.

  1. Add a Touch of Sequin

With sequins, you can go big or go home, and this Motel Gabriella Sequin Dress is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s a daring LBD with an open back and tasteful sequin design. You’ll steal the show and maybe even a mistletoe kiss, too.

And if you’re an expecting mother this Christmas, you can also rock a festive sequin dress with this ASOS Maternity Mesh Scattered Sequin Mini Dress.

It’s playful, dressy and hits you in all the right places for a party outfit that you’ll feel great in.

  1. Velvet Skater Dresses

If you can’t wear velvet during Christmas time, when can you wear it? And luckily, because it’s such an iconic fabric, you can wear it in just about any color and have the perfect party outfit.

Deep and warm hues or bright and bold colors look equally stunning with velvet. When it comes to footwear, ballerina flats or a classic pair of Louboutin’s look equally nice with velvet skater dresses.

  1. Tartan Plaid Button-ups with Tulle Skirts

If you like to mix and match styles to create a unique, authentic outfit, consider mixing Tomboy vibes with princess style. There’s no better way to do that than with delicate tulle midi skirts and tartan plaid button-ups. This is an easy way to reinvent what’s already in your wardrobe – a great style hack if you’re on a budget.

  1. Wraps to Dress You Up

If you’re not into overly dressy party outfits scattered with sequin, not to worry. You can incorporate staple pieces from your minimal wardrobe and still have a festive outfit on your hands.

The easiest way to achieve this? Wraps, shawls, and scarves! Not only do they keep you warm, but you can choose from lots of different holiday designs.

There’s red and green plaid like this cashmere shawl from Aoli's Fashion, faux fur, leopard prints, playful pompoms, and so much more. No matter what the pattern or print, you can pair it with head-to-toe black, dresses, suits and even jeans. It’s the simplest way to give an instant festive touch to any outfit.

  1. Hate Dresses? Try a Flattering Jumpsuit

Maybe you’re not too keen on dresses. So, why would you wear one just because it’s Christmas? Instead, why not stay true to your girl boss style and rock a pantsuit?

This black pantsuit is stunning and sexy, as is this deep red one. And if you like to look fabulous while staying warm during the colder months, you can easily wear a festive wrap or a classy blazer with your pantsuit.

  1. Sweater Dresses for Family Dinners

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For those long family dinners that move from table to couch and fill you up with turkey, stuffing and Christmas cookies, sweater dresses are a perfect way to stay festive.

This Beige Turtleneck Sweater Dress is soft, versatile and a nice break from the typical red and green holiday outfits. What’s more, it’s perfect for fashionistas who like low budget and low maintenance pieces.

  1. Statement Necklaces Reinvent Your Party Outfits

If you like to wear simpler outfits, you can still look festive and fun with statement jewelry like this Crystal Leaves Statement Necklace from J. Crew.

Looking for something a little subtler? Try these Crystal Burst Earrings. And if you like to keep a capsule wardrobe, having a statement jewelry piece can help you dress up even the most basic of wardrobe staples.

  1. Ugly Sweaters for your Christmas Party Outfits

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If ugly sweaters are part of your Christmas tradition, you’re in luck. All you have to do is find a sweater that makes you laugh-out-loud. Are you a Nintendo geek? Try this funny, ugly sweater from KSJK (hint: it includes cats!). This unicorn-meets-Santa sweater is perfectly ironic for any millennial.

  1. Snow-Inspired Outfits

Instead of decking yourself out with red and green colors, take a cue from the wintery outdoors and dress up with snow-inspired outfits. Think white, creams, ivory, silvers and even rose gold. These are just as festive as any sequin bodycon minidress.

As you can see, red dresses are just the beginning when it comes to party outfits. Which style do you want to try this holiday season?

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