Where to go for Spring Break on a Budget

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If you want to celebrate just like everyone else and go on a wild spring break trip, but you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry. There are many options for vacation spots that cater to all types of cash flow. You’re likely looking for just a few things in your spring break, anyways: warm weather, a beach, and plenty to drink!

There a couple of tips you can keep in mind when hunting for a spring break getaway deal.

First of all, put a few apps on your phone that will notify you when an airline or hotel is offering an amazing price.

Many airlines frequently offer massively discounted flights for short periods of time. This will happen when a seat opens up or the airline is trying to fill their remaining seats last minute.

Hotels will do this for similar reasons, and many airlines and hotels also offer package deals for significantly lower costs than if you tried to book them separately.

Second of all, look for all-inclusive packages offered by hotels or travel agencies.

All-inclusive packages can have a scary-looking price tag at first glance, but most places only require an initial deposit. You can set up payment plans to have your vacation paid off by the time you get there, especially if you start planning ahead.

If you plan on eating and drinking a lot, all-inclusive packages are your best bet; you can easily make the money worthwhile within a couple of days, and any extra cash you have can be spent on souvenirs!

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1.    Daytona Beach

Daytona originally started as a great Florida family vacation spot, but it has evolved into a great area for spring breakers.

The vast beaches, tourist attractions, and seemingly endless resorts offer plenty of room for everybody.

This is perfect for anyone who wants their own relaxing space on the beach and also anyone who wants some great night life and party spots.

Since Daytona is already an established vacation spot, you can easily find great hotel and flight deals and snag a top notch resort for your spring break.

If you think you’ll need a break from the beach, there are a few museums to pick from without having to travel far, and Daytona is also well-known for the Daytona International Speedway.

2.    Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico may seem like an out of reach possibility, but there’s plenty of budget-friendly opportunities out there.

Playa del Carmen is a huge tourist-attracting area, so there’s a lot to do and a lot of wonderful places to stay. Mexico is significantly cheaper to stay in than most locations in the U.S.

Even if you don’t find somewhere you’re interested in staying at in Playa del Carmen, that area of Mexico is littered with beautiful beaches and resorts for miles upon miles.

The hotels in this area are very popular for their all-inclusive deals, and you can likely book a round-trip flight, hotel, and meal package for around $1000. All-inclusive deals often cover the costs of any tours the hotel may offer, as well.

Basically, if you book an all-inclusive trip to Playa del Carmen, you won’t have to worry about spending money for the rest of the trip. Simply enjoy the warm weather, the beach bum lifestyle, and as many drinks as you can ask for.

3.    Puerto Rico

Yes, you can even go to Puerto Rico for spring break while on a budget!

Puerto Rico, similar to Playa del Carmen, offers significantly cheaper rates than many resorts in the United States, and you can find hotels that offer rooms for less than $200 per night.

Many hotels also offer discounts and specific restaurants and stores for staying at their location. Between spring break deals and special offers, you can easily spend a few days in paradise while paying for everything at a discounted price.

If you’re staying at a resort, you probably won’t even need a reason to travel away from the grounds, as everything you need will be right there. If all you need for spring break is a beach, refreshments and a little night life, you’ll be set in Puerto Rico.

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4.    Practically Everywhere (Thanks to Groupon)

If you haven’t signed up for an account with Groupon, do it now.

Groupon constantly has limited time offers for amazing deals and packages that you won’t find the same price for on other websites. You can find deals for resorts, hotel stays, attractions, and cruises, so just about anything you’ve imagined for your spring break can be in reach.

The majority of Groupon deals are for locations based in the United States, but you can occasionally find tropical vacations outside of the U.S. for equally low costs.

After finding a good Groupon deal, you only need to be concerned with finding the next flight out!

If you get a deal for a location in the U.S., a road trip might even be in order. Who would pass up on an awesome road trip as part of their spring break experience?

If you’re planning your spring break trip on a budget, these are some great starting points for finding an amazing vacation spot.

Like we said, keep your eyes open online for deals. If none of the locations we’ve listed here suit you, there are plenty of other options to look for on airline and hotel package websites.

If you do decide to use Groupon to purchase your vacation package, we highly advise you read through the fine print. In fact, make sure to always read the fine print and any agreements you have to sign when purchasing. Some all-inclusive resorts or airline/hotel combos have limitations on them, and you may be adding to your bill total without realizing it.

Remember, spring break is all about letting loose after a long winter, and finding peace and relaxation to tackle the new year.

Just because you don’t have a fat wallet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to relax on a sandy beach with a margarita in hand!

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