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10 Effective Ways How to Spice Up the Relationship and Break the Routine

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Does it feel like it was ages ago when you two had that fiery spark between you, you felt all fuzzy in your tummy and every day was like a small carousel ride? But now it’s just .. a habit?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong or the love between you two is fading. Habits strike us all and it is completely normal to feel as if the relationship is dull and doesn’t excite you anymore.

In fact, getting to that point is beneficial as it helps to go forward and forces to find ways to spice things up! All it really takes to rekindle the love is to break the daily habits.

To inspire you, we are sharing some simple pointers that you can use for surprising your hubby and sparking that light again!

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1. Put down the phone every time you are having dinner together

Understandably, it’s very hard to keep away from your phone, especially if you are active on social media, but take that one hour a day to dedicate your attention solely to your partner.

Though this doesn’t necessarily break a habit, it definitely helps to remind you why you are together in the first place.

2. Host a dinner party at your house for your friends

Sometimes, getting more intimacy means sharing quality time together with your friends. Having a good time together in the company of your friends or relatives is a nice way to see what you love about your partner and it might contribute to shaking things up a bit.

3. Wear beautiful lingerie

No matter what the trend reports say about granny pants, ditch them! There is nothing better for spicing things up in the bedroom than surprising your darling with something sexy.

By the way, check out our article about the benefits of sexy lingerie both in the bedroom and outside – it will definitely give you some inspiration!

If you’re not sure where to find suitable lingerie, Jack and Jill carries a huge selection of sexy lingerie that’s specially geared towards rekindling the spark in your relationship.

4. Rekindle intimacy with the help of massages

Who doesn’t love a good massage after a hard week of work? Not only is it a great way to help each other relax, but it’s also a very intimate and sexy act, bringing you closer. Make this your new habit instead of binge-watching Netflix!

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5. Sleep naked

This one is ridiculously easy, yet so effective! There is nothing sexier than sleeping naked side by side, especially as it’s an act that only you two can share. It can be your little secret and something you can look forward every night! We can bet he will love it as well!

6. Discover new places

Same restaurant, same cafe, same places over and over again, isn’t that frustrating?! You wouldn’t like to eat the same thing for the rest of your life, so why do it in your relationship?

If you want to go out then go and discover something new. Even if it’s just a new restaurant, go and check it out! Sharing new experiences makes you closer and adds some excitement.

7. Stop comparing your relationship with others

Let’s be honest, you have thought at least once that some other couple looks so much happier, closer, does all sorts of fun and exciting stuff .. and you’d secretly wish your relationship was like that, right?

Oh, how wrong that is! Why dwell and wish something if you can make it happen yourself. There’s no point in comparing your relationship with others as you can never know what’s behind the curtains.

Be happy with what you already have and cherish every moment spent together. If it’s any comfort, there are always those who are looking at your relationship the same way.

8. Play games

Nope, we don’t mean any weird soap opera style games, but real, legitimate games! Whether they are card games or video games, you can make a date night that is dedicated on playing something together.

Laughing is one of the key elements to bringing two people closer so having some fun is a great way to link to each other mentally.

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9. Sexting

Among those “grab some milk, would you” texts you can surprise your partner with some kinky texts. It will come as a little shock but oh boy how exciting it will be for your sweetheart.

You can even make some sexy pictures of yourself and send these to him – the limit here is your own imagination!

10. Snuggle and hug spontaneously

Just a brief 30-second hug every day will be enough to keep the lovelight glowing. Snuggling and holding hands is another great way to bring you closer to each other and not forget why you are together.

Maybe you have your own tips that have proven to be useful? Share it with us too down in the comments!

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