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If you've been together for a long time, spicing up the relationship is an arising question with sex being the central part of it. However, sometimes you might even forget the importance of it, especially if you are having a good time without it.

So is sex important as it is always thought or you don't need it for building a healthy, long-lasting relationship?

Is sex important after all?

One thing is for sure: sex is not a vital part for a strong relationship and marriages built around sex are bound to have problems in the future as sooner or later your lives will get busy, you'll have children or you just get older and don't feel like “bunnies” anymore.

That means you might find yourself rather spending the evenings cuddling in front of the TV, not going crazy in the bedroom.

That's actually a sign of a healthy relationship – you don't depend on the physical sexual act, but also enjoy each other's company by just cuddling and being together. There is no need to worry if you can't pinpoint the last time you did it with your partner, as long as you are still intimate and pay attention to each other.

So if you are asking yourself, “is it normal we haven't had sex for a year” or “how often is it normal to have sex” then think about all the intimate moments you share and you will quickly reevaluate the need to have sex.

You are “partners in crime”, best friends and sharing so much which means there is really no need to connect through sex as often.

A good relationship needs a physical connection

Despite sex not being the cornerstone of a strong relationship, it doesn't mean that a complete lack of intimacy is healthy. Couples who hug and kiss a lot or, in general, are very close simply don't feel such a big urge to have sex often as they are already very close.

However, if you and your partner don't have sex and you are also very distant (don't even share kisses, hugs or romantic moments together), it's a clear sign there's something wrong in the relationship.

Sex is about more than just satisfying an “animalistic urge”. Besides the most obvious perk – bonding with your partner – there are dozens of advantages regular sex has on your mind and body:

  • Relieves stress – sex relaxes your whole body and lets you forget about daily stress.
  • Improves health – sex improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of prostate cancer, enhances bladder control, keeps the hormone level normal, makes your skin glow and is overall a powerful health enhancer!
  • Decent workout – according to several studies, sex is one heck of an exercise, burning approximately 144 calories with half an hour. You don't need to feel guilty about eating that chocolate anymore! Besides the calorie-burning effect, you will naturally bend your muscles and become more flexible while also enhancing your persistence. Fun, relaxing and exercising all at the same time!
  • Boosts self-confidence – nothing makes you feel better about yourself than a guy getting hot for you and showing it in every possible way.

There are no right's and wrong's

If you are wondering if you are doing it often enough, then there is only one answer: there is no right or wrong way and there is no universal truth of what is the “optimal” take on sex. Don't make it a chore – forget about schedules, forget about “making time” for it.

Sex should come naturally rather than being another task that needs to be done at the end of the day. If you don't feel like doing it, then let your partner know – never do it out of the feeling of obligation on your shoulders. Some relationships are sexless and that's okay.

As long as you show your partner your feelings and you share intimate moments together, there is nothing to worry about.

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