Stop Reading Horoscopes! Here’s Why You Need To Stop


Horoscopes are tempting, no arguing about that. Often we just can’t help but to open up that page and read what’s written in the stars for our zodiac sign. However, it is not a completely harmless habit. In fact, it has been proven horoscopes being bad for your mental health! Here are the reasons why reading horoscopes can do more harm than good.

  1. Horoscopes clutter your ability to make decent decisions.
    This is by far the most important factor. Let’s take for example your job. You are not entirely happy with your current career position and your horoscopes tells you should act now to make a good career choice or you will regret not taking action. What do you do? You turn to your boss and write a letter of resignation. The horoscope acts like a trigger whereas it is not supposed to. As they are designed to match with at least something in your life it is not even remotely accurate about YOUR life situation. Yes, you might be unhappy with certain aspects in your life but you should deal with those issues rationally, instead of making hasty decisions.
  2. Horoscopes can affect your relationships – and not in a good way.
    The ability to make rational choices transfers to relationships as well since horoscopes have almost always something about love and relationships. Horoscopes are not the go-to relationship guides. You can’t honestly believe horoscope to predict something about such a personal thing as it is a relationship between two people. If the horoscope says you are going to meet someone exciting and you might start a secret affair it doesn’t mean you should read every guy as a potential “hook-up”. Instead, concentrate on your relationships and forget everything you have read from the newspaper. Noone can define the way your relationships go.
  3. Horoscopes distort the reality.
    The single worst thing about horoscopes is the way they affect people into doing things they normally wouldn’t do, hence they distort the reality and make the line between rational and irrational decisions rather foggy. People read from the horoscope they will find a sudden amount of money and in the hopes of that happening, buy a lottery ticket. People read how they are going to fight with a loved one and unexpectedly, some small everyday topics break people up. That’s not a concequence of a horoscope but your actions – actions that YOU have taken. Forget the mumbo-jumbo and get real.
  4. They waste your time.
    That few minutes spent on reading a horoscope could have been spent on something much more productive – like doing some sit-ups, preparing a meal, calling a loved one. If you want some good laughs, get a comic book or read the anecdote section – horoscopes are neither funny nor helpful so they are a complete waste of your time.
  5. They alter your mindset and personality.
    Sometimes we tend to take these little horoscope bulletings very seriously and start defining our personality according to that. If the horoscope said you are feeling neurotic, that’s how you’ll feel, right? Wrong! Don’t let a fictional story affect the person you are and change the way you feel about things.
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That’s the way human nature is – we cannot help our curiosity and the industry thrives on that. It’s completely okay to read horoscopes every once in a while as a little fun note but you shouldn’t take them seriously. There’s only one person in the whole wide world who can decide how your life turns out to be and that person is you. Now go take that morning coffee, grab the newspaper, read the horoscope and have a nice laugh – that’s what they are there for, nothing else.