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When you’re in a new city by yourself, it can be intimidating to know where to begin. Los Angeles is no exception, but exploring Hollywood is a must whether you’re solo traveling or have a few hours spare on a business trip.

Here are some ideas of things to do and places to see when you find yourself alone in Hollywood. 

Find someone to explore with

Whilst hanging out with yourself can be very rewarding, sometimes it’s fun to have some other people to explore with. If you’re looking for some nightlife, there is a great bar scene on Hollywood Boulevard. Many people are always traveling through and the locals are super friendly so you’ll be able to meet some people.

Alternatively, a Hollywood escorts service can help you find someone to spend your time in Hollywood with. Whether you want a dinner date or someone to take to your business meeting, you can find someone you will really get along with. 

Hike up to the Hollywood sign

You will be able to see the sign from loads of places around Hollywood, but you can take a walk up the hill to see it up close too. You can start at Griffith Observatory Trail and make your way right up to the sign.

It’s fenced off so you won’t be allowed on the letters, but the view is great, and being so close to this iconic landmark is too good to miss. It’s a good way to keep fit while you’re visiting because it’s a 2-3 hour round trip, and it can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of town. 

Visit the zoo and observatory at Griffith Park

On your way back down from your hike to the Hollywood sign, you can tick off all the things to do in Griffith Park. There’s a variety of things to do for a range of different interests.

Griffith Observatory has more great views of the Hollywood sign and the night sky. The solar telescope there is thought to have been used by more people than any other on earth to observe the stars. The building itself is very impressive and interesting to wander around.

If astrology isn’t your thing, then you can have a look at the animals at Los Angeles Zoo and Gardens. It’s predominantly known for its breeding program of the endangered Californian condors. They often have special events on so be sure to look up what’s going on when you’re visiting. 

There’s also the Railroad Museum for train lovers, which has a fun rideable model train. There’s also an exhibit of the model railway Walt Disney built at his home, which is filled with Disney trinkets, so Disney fans will love this too.

Look around more museums

Museums are great to explore when you’re alone. You can learn so much and enjoy the peace of walking about on your own. Other museums you can visit include the:

  • The Wax Museum – take some selfies with famous actors and characters in their wax form. There’s also Madame Tussauds Hollywood if you want to go wax figure crazy.
  • The Death Museum – for the people who love true-crime podcasts and anything vaguely morbid, this intriguing museum contains artifacts that belonged to various serial killers, as well as the art of autopsy and other death-related exhibits. Although it is quite sinister, the museum places an emphasis on the gift of life.
  • Hollywood Museum – if you still haven’t had your fill of movie tours, this place has loads more props, costumes, and sets to explore. It actually has the most amount of movie memorabilia in the world.

Book a tour at a film studio

Hollywood is the American hub for film making so there are so many tours available around the various film studios and sets, so you’ll be able to spot at least something that you know and love. If you book a group tour, you can talk with other participants and the tour guide to chat about all things film – you will discover a lot and make a friend or two! 

Warner Bros Studios

One such place is Warner Bros Studio. You can visit the iconic sets of a TV show such as the Big Bang Theory, take a picture on the Friends’ sofa, and wander through the set of Casablanca. You can learn a lot about what goes into making a film and how the Hollywood film industry works. 

Universal Studios

There’s also Universal Studios which has several elements – the working studio, the Universal City Walk, and the theme park if you’re a thrill seeker. One of the most visited sections is the Harry Potter world, where you can visit Diagon Alley, try some butter beer, and see Hogwarts for yourself. 

The studio tour is also a must-do. Travel via tram around various famous film sets and watch some movie magic unfold. Universal has produced films such as Jaws, War of the Worlds, and the Fast and Furious franchise, so there are lots of things to see and experience. 

Wonder down the Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a walkway with over 2500 stars on the ground with the names of famous celebrities. The first was established in 1958 and there are still stars added every year. Watch out for the celebrity and character impersonators as you make your way along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, you might be able to grab a photo with the Avengers! 

Places to eat

Don’t just stick to your hotel restaurant, but be sure to check out the many famous dining experiences around Hollywood. Here are some of the most well-known:

  • 25 Degrees
  • Beauty & Essex
  • Jitlada
  • Musso & Frank Grill

All in all, Hollywood is a great place to do some sightseeing even if you’re by yourself. Enjoy looking around the museums and the film studios, and enjoy walks around Griffth park, along the boulevard, and up to the Hollywood sign.

There are plenty of places to meet other people, too, because it’s always fun to explore with others, so check out the many bars and restaurants, too.

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