5 Effective Ways to Give Your Brain a Workout

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As we get older, our brains need more and more help to work optimally. To keep your brain working in tip-top shape, you need to exercise your mind, just as you would your body. Exercising your brain will help to improve your memory, focus, and cognitive abilities.

That should be a top priority, especially as one gets older. People of all age groups can benefit from simply incorporating a few brain exercises into their daily routine. Below are five effective ways to give your brain a workout:

Build a 3D puzzle

Building puzzles, especially 3D puzzles, is excellent for the brain. Medical studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles can improve visual-spatial reasoning and cognitive function. Doing puzzles requires concentration and focus, and they can enhance your problem-solving abilities.

The increased attention to detail required to build puzzles improves memory and lowers stress levels.

Play a game of cards

Card games promote brain health and are great mental stimuli that can trigger the use of visualization and sequencing skills within your brain. Most card games require socialization and language skills, so those will improve as well.

Some studies have shown that playing card games can make you a more intelligent person by increasing your IQ. Winning games will trigger your brain into releasing endorphins that will lower your anxiety levels and make you a happier person.

Word puzzles

Word puzzles are recommended by medical professionals, to help sharpen the mind and improve cognitive focus. That is particularly good for seniors because they help to improve brain function over time. That may often delay some of the cognitive damage caused by ageing.

Browse online for riddles with answers for adults, – they have been shown to improve memory, concentration, as well as motivation.

Memory apps

There are apps available online that can help to train your brain. These apps are designed to improve memory and problem-solving. If they are used regularly, they can also improve processing speeds and enable sharper thinking.

Several medical professionals believe that apps like these can prevent diseases caused by brain plaques, like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Embrace meditation

Meditation can help to thicken the pre-frontal cortex and hippocampus of the brain. The prefrontal cortex manages some higher brain functions like concentration and good decision making, whilst the hippocampus is responsible for learning and memory. A 2011 study showed that mindfulness meditation is capable of changing the structure of the brain.

Meditation increases the size of the brain and expands the essential parts that need strengthening. It can also reduce the part of the brain that is responsible for negative emotions and trauma.

Mental stimulation is vitally important for ensuring that we live long and happy lives, filled with learning and understanding. By nourishing your brain and giving it the care that it needs, it will look after you well into your twilight years. A healthy brain is just as important as a healthy body.

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