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There's no denying that the costs of prescription tablets have risen rapidly – even more so during a health crisis. It could even prove detrimental as your monthly prescriptions could get too pricey. You could get into a troublesome situation where both your health and wallet suffer a serious setback.

Such is also the case for Vyvanse, an oral medicine that helps improve concentration and focus and reduces hyperactivity and impulsivity in adults and children.

It is a prescription drug and an FDA-approved treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, while it is as effective as studies say, it could also be quite expensive. Here are five useful tips for purchasing Vyvanse at a much lower cost:

Use a coupon

If you're having trouble with your finances and don't have insurance to help you out, your only best friend will be your trusty coupon. With this, you can easily reduce your out-of-pocket costs when purchasing Vyvanse.

You can easily find coupons on the internet and expect an instant drop in your costs. You could even check out this Vyvanse coupon if you want! You only need to review your discount vouchers carefully and present them to your local pharmacies once ready to purchase.

However, there are cases when coupons can't be combined when you have insurance backing you up. Here, you'd have to weigh the pros and cons of the two and use whichever saves the most money. Nevertheless, coupons are your number one choice if you want the best savings on Vyvanse.

Compare pharmacy prices

Before purchasing Vyvanse, you could visit and look through different pharmacies to compare prices. With this, you'll be able to broaden your choices, determine where national and local pharmacy prices differ, and choose the best pharmacy that has the lowest price.

You could even compare Vyvanse prices based on its quantity and strength. By doing so, you also get varying prices since you'll be dealing with different portions. You simply need to call the pharmacy, look them up online, or visit the branch personally.

Overall, broadening your options is one way to cut costs since different pharmacies have different prices.

Ask about generic medications

Vyvanse is a branded drug which has a generic name of Lisdexamfetamine. If branded options can be a bit pricey for you, you can ask your doctor to list down generics instead.

Generic medications, although cheaper, are just as safe and effective as their branded counterparts. Generics have the same active ingredient as branded medications and go through the same FDA approval tests.

Ask for Vyvanse free samples

Although asking for free trial samples from your healthcare provider can pose problems in the long run (since you'd still have to lessen costs from out-of-pocket purchases when samples run out), it can lighten your financial burden a little bit.

Doctors who receive free samples of medications often dispense them to their patients without extra charges, as long as their supplies last.

With this option, you gain a little leeway to save up some money to buy more medication when your samples run out. So, if you're short on prescription medication, don't hesitate to contact your doctor and ask for help. Don’t rely on samples, though, as mentioned earlier, supplies don’t last indefinitely.

Look for patient assistance programs

Another option that could help you is to look for patient assistance programs. These programs provide a financial safety net for those who don't have insurance or are underinsured. Patients could even expect access to medications with little to no costs – all with the help of these programs.

These assistance programs vary. Some cover out-of-pocket costs for insured patients, those that cover uninsured patients that meet certain requirements, and even funding programs that cover medication, transportation, housing, and even more.

Moreover, there are multiple assistance programs. You could browse through the internet or ask your healthcare provider to give it a go since these programs are not always advertised. Likewise, although phone calls and paperwork need to be done, it can be financially beneficial in the long run.

Apply for a health insurance

Health insurance is the best way to protect yourself from financial risks completely. Before making your Vyvanse purchase, reviewing your insurance coverage and whether it accounts for Vyvanse is crucial.

You need to know and understand your deductibles, medication list, and copayment costs. With this, you can make informed decisions about your purchase and prescriptions.

Likewise, you could even determine if you lack the coverage in your insurance plan. Since you've already informed yourself, you could consider switching to another plan that meets your needs – one that covers Vyvanse.

Regardless of whether medication prices heighten, being able to map out your costs, understand your medication and their prices, and create an intricate financial plan will always help you in a bind.

Moreover, these six tips will have lessened your financial burden as you've gained new knowledge on how to purchase Vyvanse without hurting your wallet.

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