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Giving a gift is a simple way to show your appreciation and affection when words fail. Whether you're commemorating a special occasion or giving a gift “just because,” the key is to find something practical, comforting, or appropriately mood-enhancing.

Gift options evolved tremendously over the years. Choosing a classic, timeless gift that never goes out of style ensures that your message of appreciation will be aptly conveyed.

Here's a simple guide for giving evergreen gifts. 

The history of gift giving

Gift-giving dates back as early as caveman times for humans and animals alike. In ancient times, presenting a token was often a part of mating rituals and integral for showing respect to leadership. In many ways, the act of giving a gift hasn't changed much since caveman times— though you probably shouldn't give your wife some teeth and bones for your anniversary.

The gifts themselves have changed dramatically over the centuries. Yet, many items have endured for the past century and are still considered valuable and appropriate. These evergreen gifts are above fads and trends, making them virtually timeless. 

Consider these evergreen gifts when showing your appreciation to a loved one, friend, or colleague. 

A leather wallet

A leather wallet is a timeless gift for men, showcasing a sense of appreciation and respect. For an exceptional gift, choose alligator wallets to showcase wishes of wealth and prosperity. According to superstition, you should never give someone an empty wallet as a gift. Instead, put a single coin or dollar bill inside for good luck.

While leather wallets are traditionally given to men, they can also be a fantastic gift for women. Choose an envelope-style clutch for a classy, elegant gift that will stand the test of time.

A quality timepiece

A high-quality watch is another evergreen gift that's been around for centuries. While wearing a watch is no longer considered a necessity thanks to smartphones, the rich history, and symbolism behind watch-wearing prevent them from becoming obsolete.

A luxurious pair of gloves

Wearing gloves was a fashion statement in centuries past, showcasing wealth and status. Now, wearing gloves is a more practical endeavor to keep one's hands warm. Even so, there's no reason why this practical accessory shouldn't be comfortable and fashionable as well.

Give the gift of a nice pair of cashmere or leather gloves that will remind the recipient of you every time they put them on. This gift is particularly useful for those who live in colder areas or have harsh winters. You could also give a cashmere scarf or throw a blanket as a thoughtful alternative.

A premium beverage

Finally, a high-quality bottle of spirits or wine will never go out of style— just take some time to understand the person's preferences before buying. Choosing a premium beverage that the recipient typically wouldn't purchase for themselves is a luxurious, thoughtful token that won't be forgotten.

If the person on your list doesn't drink alcohol, consider taking the same approach with a high-quality selection of coffee or tea from their favorite purveyor. 

These evergreen gifs have been around for centuries and won't go out of style any time soon. You can't go wrong with a timeless gift when showing your appreciation and affection to your peers.

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