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Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “Wow”

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Selecting new cabinets is never an easy thing to do. You’ve had the same cabinets for many years and it’s often tough to deal with changes. But you need new or upgraded cabinets and you need to find the perfect design and function to meet your needs. So you should take some time to really consider your cabinet selection.

By adding new white shaker cabinets or another design of your choice, you’ll make your kitchen look unique, different, and more attractive. Plus, if you intend to eventually sell your home, these gorgeous new cabinets will add additional value and make your home worth more.

Lastly, top-notch new or upgraded cabinets will definitely add to the quality of life and make it easier to store your most important kitchen tools.

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With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some important kitchen cabinet details that will really make you make some mental notes. Satisfying the “wow factor” will make it easy to find or create the perfect cabinets to meet your needs for style, functionality, and more.

New kitchen cabinets are overrated: consider repainting instead

Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say Wow 2

Instead of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, a frugal and potentially more environmentally-responsible thing to do would be to refinish and repaint your existing cabinets. This will help you save money and also give you the opportunity to give your kitchen a beautiful makeover.

Do you like your current kitchen cabinets? Or are you really in the mood for a change? If you happen to enjoy their aesthetic design but just want to change the color, then refinishing and repainting is definitely going to be the best choice to meet your needs.

And don’t worry, because repainting your cabinets is a pretty easy task to tackle. Visit your local hardware store and take a look at the various paint colors and options available. Find a color perfectly suited to match your current kitchen decor.

After you find the right color you can begin your DIY project. Or if you aren’t very good at handiwork, you can always call a local handyman or a professional painter to paint the cabinets for you.

Are you on a strict budget? If so, painting the cabinets yourself will definitely help save money. And it isn’t too difficult even if you’re brand-new to kitchen cabinet painting. Just put in the time and effort and your kitchen cabinets will look amazing because you painted them with care and consideration.

Add open shelving cabinets or cabinets with glass doors

Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say Wow 3

To really bring the wow factor to your kitchen, you could go in a completely different direction with your kitchen cabinets. Right now you may have traditional cabinets with wooden doors. If you want your kitchen to look different and really ‘pop', you can replace your old cabinets with new ones that have glass doors or open shelves.

Open shelving and glass doors create an exciting impression. They make your home feel a lot bigger and more spacious just because people can look inside and see your attractive glassware, China sets, dishes, mugs, and more. And best of all, people really seem to like this look and they find it quite attractive.

Do you currently have a smaller kitchen? Adding cabinets with glass cabinet doors will make the room seem much bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. Even though it’s an illusion more than anything else, it still helps expand the room and make it look a lot larger than it really is.

So, if you have wonderful items and collections, kitchen cabinets with glass doors will make it easy to put these thrilling items on display. Plus, this stylish cabinet will certainly make your home look bigger, which really adds to the wow factor.

Retrofit your kitchen cabinets to add style and functionality

Last but certainly not least, you can retrofit your kitchen cabinets to customize them and make them more stylish and functional. Some kitchen cabinet accessories to consider include:

  • corkboard
  • corner organizer
  • foreword sliding baskets
  • hanger racks for pots and pans
  • slide out shelf for additional storage

These additional accessories will make it easier to store other items while customizing your cabinets. Plus they also look stylish which certainly doesn’t hurt if you’re trying to improve aesthetic appeal.

As you can see, it’s easier to create the wow factor with your kitchen cabinets then you might have thought. And believe it or not, you might not even need to completely replace your cabinets. You can refinish them, repaint them, or add additional accessories to your existing cabinets.

Or if you prefer, replace your cabinets with new ones with glass doors and open shelving for extra appeal.

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