8 Ways to Overcome Dating Anxiety

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Dating can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’re anxious or uncomfortable in social situations. It often feels like there are a million little things that could go wrong and ruin the date.

But it doesn’t have to be so nerve-wracking! With some simple strategies, you can overcome your dating anxiety and make the most of each date. Here are some tips that will help you put your best foot forward on any first date.

Try online options 

If you find yourself feeling anxious about the thought of dating, there are plenty of online options that might help reduce your anxiety. Many people have had success using free chatting sites for dating making the whole situation a lot less stressful for them. This is a great and convenient way to meet new and interesting people. 

Whether it’s a virtual “speed-dating” event or simply having pre-written topics to discuss with potential partners, navigating the dating pool from home can be a great way to ease into things. With fewer distractions and a more controlled environment, beginning conversations in cyberspace may help you conquer any fears about talking in person.

And though it may feel like a step backwards to turn away from face-to-face consultations, taking advantage of online dating resources could better help you prepare for that type of interaction down the road. It’s a brave new world out there — consider giving it a try!

Challenge negative thoughts 

Trying to navigate the dating world can create a lot of anxiety. However, it's possible to overcome this fear by challenging negative thoughts. It's important to realize that many of these thoughts are simply thoughts we tell ourselves, rather than truths or facts. Identifying these thoughts in order to evaluate them can be hard at first—like being a detective and searching for the information you didn't know you had! 

Once these are found, it becomes easier to figure out how accurate and useful they really are. Consider replacing those negative thoughts with more positive ones and focusing on the good things about yourself.

Challenging our inner dialogue is a step towards gaining emotional resilience and facing any situation with courage and strength, including dating!

Learn how to relax

One of the best ways to help regulate your emotions is by taking some time for yourself to relax. Learning how to relax can be very beneficial; not only will you start to feel more at ease with each experience, but it also gives you an opportunity to reflect on yourself and your life. 

Taking the time to try new activities that promote self-care – like yoga, walking in nature, or painting – can make all the difference between feeling nervous and feeling empowered.

Practising relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided imagery can also help reduce stress and make room for clarity of thought and a positive attitude.

Choose a comfortable location

Although dating is often an exciting prospect, it can also be a nerve-wracking experience. One way to combat any jittery nerves that may come up when getting ready for your next date is to choose a comfortable setting

Whether you select the local coffee shop you frequent or the nearby park you like to stroll in, surrounding yourself with familiar surroundings can help give you the confidence needed to make it through a successful date night.

While picking out the perfect spot might seem like a minor detail in setting up your night, it can be of great benefit in helping you relax and open up during your date.

Practice self-care

Self-care is one important step in making you feel more at peace with yourself before any date – by taking time to nurture yourself and connect with your emotions, you can develop a sense of inner strength and resilience that will help us remain calm and grounded while pursuing new relationships. Try practising regular self-care activities such as the following:  

  • journaling
  • sleep 
  • self-grooming
  • healthy eating
  • exercising
  • mindfulness 

These can help you identify triggers for anxious thoughts so that you can more easily take control of your reactions and stay present during stressful social situations.

Above all else, having self-compassion and being kind to yourself throughout the ups and downs of dating are essential for a healthy relationship with both others and ourselves.

Be yourself

When you start to feel overwhelmed, it helps to refocus your energy on being true to yourself. This can help keep your sense of self-worth intact, even if feeling rejected or overwhelmed weighs heavily at times.

Reminding yourself what makes you unique can help steer you away from feeling stunted in an uncomfortable environment. It takes practice but reminding yourself of your greater purpose and values can truly make all the difference when stresses are high.

Don’t put too much pressure 

Everyone wants to find that special someone, but if you put too much pressure on your partner to make everything perfect, it will only lead to anxiety and hinder your opportunities for a successful romance. Don't rush into a relationship before you are ready, and don't expect your partner to be the source of all fulfillment in your life. 

Remember that these take time to develop, so recognize when it’s best to take things slow. It's important to have reasonable expectations and trust yourself enough not to feel pressured by others or society into making a rushed decision. 

Boost your confidence 

Confidence is key when it comes to conquering dating anxieties and making a lasting impression. The feeling of nervousness can easily be overcome with practice and the knowledge that you are good enough. 

Boosting your confidence only takes moments each day like assessing yourself honestly, making sure your physical appearance is on par with your self-image, attending workshops and classes that build on your skill sets, joining an online community for support or researching the people you're interested in. Doing simple things like this each day could make all the difference when trying to ease those dating anxieties.

By challenging negative thoughts, learning how to relax, and doing self-care, you can give yourself the courage needed to make a connection with someone. Give online options a try if the thought of face-to-face conversations is too overwhelming.

Most importantly, whatever you do remember that you should never pretend to be anyone else — natural confidence and being honest about who you are will serve you better than anything else in the long run! Don’t let anxiety get in your way. Take some time for yourself, trust yourself, boost your self-confidence, and ultimately find success with dating.

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