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Home Repairment: How to Hire a Good Handyman?

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However, when we have sites like ContractorsFromHell with people posting their contractor horror stories (those might easily give you nightmares!) you might be a bit terrified when trying to figure out where to find a decent, reliable handyman. That’s why we are here to help you out!

How to avoid getting ripped off by a home repairment guy?

Finding a good home repairment handyman is actually a lot easier than it seems and there is pretty much only one thing you should keep in mind: don’t hurry! The worst decisions come from hasty choices and hiring the first possible handyman around the corner might easily turn out to be a fraudster.

Of course this might be a little bit too harsh and in reality, the possibility of finding a nice, skilled and reliable person is much higher. Nevertheless, never hire without considering these following steps first.

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  1. Make a plan. – Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, it’s necessary especially if you are looking to hire a home repairment guy for a bit more than just hitting a nail on a wall. If you have more tasks to be done, it’s vital to draft a list of all the necessary jobs you need to have finished, together with the price.
  2. Price, price, price. – The root of all evil – money. First of all, high-quality contractors mean higher pay. In fact, the lower the price is, the more suspicious you should feel about it as there is really no such thing as a service that is high-quality and has the lowest price at the same time. However, the main question lies in whether to agree with an hourly rate or flat fixed price. We’d recommend going for the flat rate as in the end, it’s simply the easiest, hassle-free agreement. With hourly rate there is ALWAYS a chance the home repairment worker will delay a bit, work maybe a tad a bit slower (he might easily do it unknowingly) or you just might not know the estimated time necessary for the task. It’s a lot easier to set a fixed budget and agree on that.
  3. Licenses. – The main point proving a handyman’s quality is the existence of a general contractor’s license. Though not all states have the state-wide licensing requirement, your city might easily have it and it’s always better to be safe than sorry so before hiring, make sure the home repairment handyman has a valid license. He might be a higher-pay one, but at least you can be completely sure your home is in good hands.
  4. Insurance. – All general contractors must have liability insurance as a means of protecting themselves and of course the clients they are working for – in case the handyman has an accident while working at your home, you are responsible for that if he doesn’t have liability insurance! Avoid such unforeseeable issues and verify the home repairment worker you are hiring has valid insurance.
  5. Set up a schedule. – One of the most major issues arising with contractors is the schedule and time consumed for different tasks. This will not be an issue if you set up a decent schedule for all the tasks and require the schedule to be a hard-hitting basis for the workflow.
  6. Contract is your god. – Make sure every single detail you have discussed and agreed on with the home repairment handyman is written down in a signed contract. That is your insurance which can give you at least some security that the relationship will go smoothly and all of the work will get done timely and with high quality.

Even better, check out this guide from HomeAdvisor which pinpoints all of the important steps you should take for ensuring a successful work relationship. Keep in mind just one thing – spend more time before signing the contract to ensure the employee is reliable and skilled, rather than suffer later and think back on how you should have followed these steps.

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