5 Tips for Securing Your Home from Intruders

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According to the US Department of Justice, there are more than one million home invasions every year in the United States.

A home invasion is where an intruder enters the property when the owners are home. This scenario can be terrifying for the people stuck inside the property. Stories of home invasions that escalated into extreme violence abound on the internet and are best not read if you have a nervous disposition.

Be prepared

Before we look at ways to make your home more secure, it is sensible to consider the merits of arming yourself, just in case the worst does happen. Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms and carrying a gun can be a good deterrent against a hostile home invasion.

That said, you shouldn’t treat this as an excuse to go all Rambo on anyone knocking at the door late at night. They could just be trying to sell cookies or talk you into accepting God into your life. No jury will see that as a reasonable excuse for shooting first and asking questions later.

Now we have cleared that up, you may want to invest in a handgun for self-defense purposes. You can buy ammo from an online retailer; they provide bulk ammo. Do keep your gun locked away if you have children in the house.

Fit a home security system

There are lots of excellent home security systems available for homes these days. You can spend as much or as little as you like on a home security system. The very best systems come with motion detectors, window and door alarms, and a link to a private security monitoring company, which will respond immediately if a threat is detected.

Unless you are a celeb, this level of protection might not be needed. Instead, shop for a cheaper system that includes cameras and an app. Use the cameras to record and monitor the property when you are not at home, or inside if the system allows. If you don’t feel confident about setting up a home security system, have one professionally installed.

Buy a dog

Dogs are a wonderful deterrent. The bigger and more vicious the dog, the less likely anyone is going to try and break in. Most intruders will think twice about going up against a couple of XL American Bulldogs or Pitbulls, even if they have guns. It would take more than one bullet to bring down an enraged dog and the intruder is almost certainly going to sustain damage in the process.

Even a small dog is useful because it will probably bark if someone is hanging around the house or trying to break in. Being woken up by frenzied barking could give you enough time to call the police and prevent any unnecessary violence.

Add better security to windows and doors

A home security system is a great buy, but it is still necessary to secure windows and doors. Don’t make an intruder's life easy. Fit good quality locks to windows and upgrade an older door for a newer model with better locks.

Modern UPVC doors are far more secure than older wooden doors with deadlocks. They can’t be forced open as easily and the locks are more difficult to open with brute force.

Light up your home

Exterior lighting can be both functional and decorative. Security lighting falls into the functional category. Install motion detector lights around your home so intruders have nowhere to hide.

Beefing up your home security doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Just a few extra lights and better locks on your windows will do the job.

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