6 Things You Can Do With Family Jewelry

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There is something intrinsically attractive to jewelry that just makes them want to wear it, even when we are not able to see them. You can only see your earrings in the mirror, but other than that, you can not see them. Jewelry in its essence is just some piece of metal with attached more metal parts or some minerals. However, these small pieces represent something much bigger to us than just that.

In the last decades, this art of jewelry was lost a bit because people only look at price tags now. It is important to have the most expensive jewelry now, not the one with the most soul inside them. Family jewelry is different in this regard, it carries something more unique inside it than just the minerals and metal. Here are 6 things you can do with this jewelry.


Money can be quite tight sometimes and we are led into situations where we need to sacrifice something for money. With a Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, you can loan your family jewelry even up to 4 months. Loaning jewelry is a very good way of getting some money really quickly when you need it the most. The best thing is, this money is given to you upfront and in most cases, you get it in cash for your jewelry.


If you are not tight with money, the second best thing you can do with this jewelry is to wear it. Usually, the items passed down as a family tradition are quite unique and carefully crafted. Chances are quite low in finding something as unique as the jewelry passed down in a family.

This makes this kind of jewelry quite interesting, especially if you have some quite old pieces. This is also great if you want to pull off some vintage looks with these vintage pieces. It can be even great for some new looks if you want to pull off an interesting contrast between the old and the new.

Taking care of it

Whether you choose to carry it or not, it is very important to take care of it. This means storing it properly in a dark and dry environment. If the jewelry is colored, the light can damage it over time and thus the color will be lost. Humidity is very bad for any kind of jewelry, except the ones that are pure gold. If there is any kind of humidity in the air and some other metals besides silver and gold, the metal will corrode over time.

Creating a story

Family jewelry is passed down for generations, this means these items carry a certain story with them. They were worn by many people before you, it is very important that these stories do not get forgotten.

By marking these stories, you are making sure that this is more than just some pieces of metal and minerals. They are much more than that because they have a soul inside of them, the soul of your family.

Continuing the tradition

It is very important to follow the aforementioned tips so you can continue the tradition of passing along family jewelry. They are right now in your hands, but it is important to make sure they reach the hands of future generations. This means that you should not give out this jewelry to just anyone in your family, specifically small children. It is important to make sure that this jewelry carries certain responsibilities with them.


If the jewelry is already in a bad shape, you can try restoring them. You will see many online guides on how you can restore the jewelry, but do not try them out. Usually, they use some pretty dangerous chemicals and they use them to restore purposely damaged jewelry.

This makes the entire process look much easier than it truly is, which can be damaging to your jewelry. It is important to restore the jewelry with the help of a professional. They will assess the situation adequately and know how to help out in this unique situation.

It is never too late to start your own tradition of family jewelry, it can be a quite fun project. Even though the process is quite lengthy and the satisfaction comes only later in life, it is still worth it. The problem is that people are becoming quite impatient and want immediate results and happiness.

This is not our fault, it is the many systems around us that corner us into wanting more pleasure right now. It is very hard to stay true to the real ideals when this new world around us is crushing us into living inhumanely.

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