Forget Fast Fashion, Here’s 4 Ways to Spruce up Your Spring Wardrobe may earn commission when you buy something through the links or banners on this page.

As soon as the first hint of spring arrives in the new year, I’m always – without fail – left with the sudden realization that hoodies and joggers are not the only forms of clothing.

I’ll let you in on some of the secrets to sustainably sprucing up your own wardrobe this time of year – from ditching negative self-esteem to playing around with computerized embroidery machines.

Spring colors

As the daffodils start to bloom and the trees show their first blossoms, a cold-weather wardrobe fails to elicit such springtime vibes.

Lighter, pastel colors are far more joyous than all-black attire. At this time of year, when the weather and temperature can change from one second to the next, you’ll be kept cool enough by a pastel cotton t-shirt, and warm enough with a layered jacket.

Don’t just bin all those hoodies, though! Donating your old clothes is great for the environment.

Maximum utility

I know, it’s tempting to grab that slinky bodycon off the sale rail. However, if you value the sustainability of your clothing, you know the importance of minimal, high-quality clothing.

Splash a little on high-welfare staples. These should be pieces of clothing that you feel great in and can be easily mixed and matched day to day.

Not only will a quality pair of jeans, or t-shirt, last far longer than its fast-fashion equivalent; but you’ll also feel a massive difference in the fabric and fit.

A sustainable wardrobe starts small!

Out with the old habits

I know for some of us, it’s very tempting to buy clothes in a size too small as a piece of “goal” clothing. Maybe it’s a beautiful dress you can’t quite zip up; maybe it’s an old pair of jeans you’d love to fit into one day. However, sometimes, these too-small clothes pile up – not only does this take up space in your wardrobe, but it also weighs heavy on your mind.

If your goal clothing has started to pile up, reclaim your wardrobe space and your own self-esteem by throwing them out. This is a step towards real self-confidence: the type of confidence that allows you to wear anything you want.

Add some pizzazz

Getting rid of clothes can be wasteful.

Embroidery is a fantastic way to give that old denim jacket new life. Embroidery may sound tedious and old-fashioned, but it’s actually an incredible way to relax after a busy day. You’re also totally unlimited in the patterns and designs you make.

It’s also far more sustainable than a lot of dyes and paints. Keeping away from harsh chemicals, and refreshing old favorites with cool new designs is healthier and super fun.

Embroidery stencils are cheap, and all you need to get started is a needle and a selection of embroidery threads.

For large, intricate designs, you may find it rewarding to splurge a little on a machine. If you've got an artistic streak, this can really open up new doors for your wardrobe! You can even design your own images, and have the machine embroider them automatically.

Thinking outside the box, you can really let your personality and passions shine through with your new wardrobe!

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