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Winter Makeup: How to Maintain Beautiful Makeup During Winter Time

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Even if we love sipping on warm mochas and wearing cozy cardigans during the winter, there’s one thing most of us can do without: dry, flaky skin. It’s inevitable once the temperatures drop, and we can stress over our dull, dry faces.

What makes it worse is that your tried-and-true summer makeup routine isn’t doing the trick anymore. To help you maintain beautiful makeup during winter time, keep reading for these top 11 tips.

  1. Stay Hydrated

This first tip might not seem relevant. After all, we’re talking about makeup here, right? But the truth is, even top-of-the-line luxury makeup isn’t going to look great if your skin is dry and dehydrated.

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When it gets colder out, we usually aren’t as thirsty as we were in warmer months, and it’s easy to forget about staying hydrated.

Try to drink eight glasses of water per day, and if plain water isn’t very palatable and appealing to you, no worries. Try soothing cups of tea, smoothies, or adding lemon or cucumber slices to a glass of still or sparkling water. Hydrated skin is a happy skin!

  1. Prioritize Skin Care

Just as it’s important to stay hydrated, it’s also crucial that you make skin care a top priority. That means not skimping out on removing makeup and moisturizing skin before bedtime. It might be time for stepping up your current skincare routine to give your face some much-needed TLC this winter.

Not sure where to start? Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser is a creamy formula that cleanses your skin without being harsh, astringent or drying on your skin.

  1. Add Oils

When you apply your standard moisturizer, consider adding a drop or two of nourishing oil to it. Avocado oil is good for dry skin because it’s “high in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids which helps proper cell function and decrease inflammation”, according to dermatologist Jennifer Linder, MD.

You’ve probably seen Argan oil in many skin care products, and for good reason. The fatty acids help to promote healthy collagen production and reduce skin inflammation.

Don’t be afraid to add Argan, jojoba, coconut and olive oils to your moisturizer for added nourishment and hydration.

  1. Give Yourself a Spa Treatments

Beauty blogger Anna Newton of The Anna Edit recommends using the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. If you love the aroma of all things pumpkin, you’ll love this face mask. It has a warming effect and clears away dead skin cells.

Applying a top-notch mask once a week during the winter can keep your skin looking fresh by getting rid of dull and dead skin cells. To find some mask ideas, check out these homemade face mask recipes that might give your skin the much-desired health kick.

  1. Serums

Adding a serum to your winter skin care routine can add another layer of dewy hydration without making you look oily and greasy. Hourglass’ No. 28 Primer Serum is a top choice for girls prone to oily skin.

For illumination and nourishment, go with Kypris’ Antioxidant Dew. Vitamins E and C, along with antioxidants gives your skin a boost of TLC during the drying and chilly months.

  1. No powders, please!

When it comes time to apply your makeup, be sure you keep powders to a minimal. They can feel and look dry, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

Instead, look for cream blushes and liquid foundations. A good beauty hack is to add a drop of water to your brush as you apply any powdery product. This can add a smooth finish to an otherwise dusty-looking application.

  1. Choose Cream over Powder

When it comes to a good foundation, YouTube Star, Estee Lalonde, recommends Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. It adds coverage without making you looked caked-on and “made up”. It’s also a top product if you prefer a more natural look, rather than full-on coverage.

Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid is a lightweight product, offering medium-to-full coverage with a nutrient-rich formula, free of parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Herbal extracts and nourishing oils make this an energizing product for tired and dull skin.

  1. Switch to Liquid Highlighters

Another way to add a dewy look to your makeup routine is to add a drop or two of L’Oréal’s True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator to your foundation. Each shade can enhance your natural skin tones, whether they’re warm, cool or neutral.

  1. Play up Flushed Cheeks

If your cheeks flush up in the colder temps, don’t cover up. Instead, play up those naturally pink cheeks. Use cream blushes or even lipsticks to add a natural blush to your cheeks.

If you want to bump it up a notch, consider going one or two shades darker than your natural cheek color.

  1. Dewy Lips Instead of Matte

Matte lips serve you well during hot summers, but now that winter’s here, do your lips a favor and opt for moisturizing lipsticks instead. Burts Bees lipstick range includes 18 stunning shades.

What’s more, they’re made of 100 percent natural ingredients, like moringa and raspberry seed oil, both rich in essential fatty acids, as well as mimosa flower wax, and of course, beeswax. These are more than tinted lip balms, they’re actually super moisturizing, too!

  1. Face Mists

Your skin is susceptible to more than just the cold, and subzero temps. Pollution can take a toll on your skin, and leave it looking and feeling dull.

Ren’s Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist acts like a fragrant shield against oxidative stress with ingredients like zinc, manganese amino acids, and alfa-glucan, all of which help to stimulate and repair skin.

You can apply it before and after makeup application. And you can keep it in your handbag to reapply throughout the day. This is especially useful if you use public transit or have lots of exposure to pollution.

Bonus Tip: Pay Attention to Your Wardrobe

To close, here’s one more bonus tip to maintain beautiful winter makeup. We spend a lot of time focusing on skin care and winter-appropriate makeup products. But don’t forget about your wardrobe, especially tops, jackets, hats, and scarves.

Certain colors can drain the color right out of your face. So, consider wearing warmer colors, like reds and brown to naturally boost both your natural coloring and your winter makeup choices.

For a lush winter makeup look, focus on hydration, as well as creamy, nourishing products for happy, glowing winter skin.

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