9 Great Ways to Make the Most out of Working for a Paycheck

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You’re probably not listed on Forbes’ Billionaire list. So, whether you like it or not, you have to work.

Unfortunately, many people work just to make money, but this kind of living isn’t sustainable. After a while, if money is your only motive, you’ll go crazy, because money doesn’t make you happy.

So, what are you supposed to do when you must work for that paycheck? Can passion and purpose be your priority instead?

  1. Create Connections

Even if you’re not working your dream job, you can still create meaningful relationships by actively connecting with both customers and coworkers. Remember that every person you come into contact with is not so different from you. We all have similar fears, annoying family members and daily stresses and struggles.

When you remember that we’re actually more connected than it seems, it might be easier to relate with people at work. This can help you dread your job less.

  1. Your Job Gives You a Life Outside of Work

You might hate the mundane tasks that you go back to day after day, and wish your job was fun. But maybe the problem is that you’re expecting your job to be this great time. Maybe it’s better to just admit that your job is sometimes boring, sometimes stressful and never your ideal Sunday morning.

But that’s okay. Working your job ensures that you can enjoy life in other ways. It’s how you can afford your favorite beverage at the local café. It’s why you can take yoga classes three times a week. It pays for the cozy home that welcomes you back each day. Your job might not be fun, and that’s alright because the rest of your life is.

  1. Practice Presence

So, your job isn’t fun? Join the club! And while you’re at it, try to develop a mindful practice of being present.

This means, that instead of counting down until five o’clock, or until Friday, stop counting altogether. Instead, try to be present exactly where you are, no matter what’s happening.

This might be a difficult mindset shift at first, but these inspiring words from Eckhart Tolle are a good place to start. With mindfulness, you’ll stop hating your time and work because you won’t be constantly comparing it to the past or future.

  1. Become a Linchpin

In his book, Linchpin, entrepreneur and blogger, Seth Godin, encourages everyone to become indispensable, no matter what your job description.

That means that even if you’re a barista, be the best barista you can possibly be. If you’re a secretary, be the best administrative employee around. If you’re a nurse, work to improve your skills so that you stand out among your hundreds of colleagues.

Sure, not everyone can be the CEO, but no one else can be you either!

  1. Surround Yourself with Beauty and Joy

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We spend a lot of money to make our homes beautiful, and for good reason. Your home is your sanctuary. But where do you spend the majority of your time? Probably your workplace, right? Don’t be afraid to invest in this space to make it as pleasant and inviting as possible.

Photographs, candles, prints, flowers, positive affirmations, and essential oils can help make your office a safe-haven. That way, you won’t feel the need to escape it when things get stressful. These calming objects can ground you and support your emotional wellbeing.

  1. Earn Passive Income

Sometimes, we’re slaves to our jobs because we need the income. We’re desperate to make ends meet and we feel trapped in a stressful situation. But what if you could make passive income? What if money actually came into your life pretty easily?

This is possible with companies like Lularoe, Thirty One and countless other network marketing companies. It’s a great way to sell fun products, meet new people and be more social, all while adding passive income to your bank account.

  1. Spend Time with Your Hobbies and Passions

You might give most of your time to your 9 – 5 job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give time to your passions and hobbies. You can give and take classes. You can open an Etsy shop. Or, you can be a true amateur, and simply do what you love because you love doing it.

It’s so beneficial to your mental, physical and emotional wellness to get lost in an activity that brings you joy and makes you lose track of time. It’s what psychology refers to as being in the flow, or in the zone. It’s a great way to reduce stress and open neural pathways in the brain. So, make it a priority throughout your week.

  1. Create Vision Boards

It might feel like your job is sucking the life right out of you. And maybe it seems like there’s no end in sight. You can work to shift this mindset by creating a vision board for your office or home.

Fill the board with inspirational quotes, as well as images of objects you want to obtain, and the goals you want to achieve. You can even remind yourself of emotions you want to feel.

By visualizing your dreams and aspirations, you can manifest them into your life, slowly but surely.

And hey, we always have Pinterest for visualizing, don't we?!

  1. Get Involved with Your Company

Does your company, or department take part in any campaigns, charities or volunteer work that resonates with you? When you invest your time and energy in something that’s meaningful to you, you can find purpose outside of the paycheck.

If your job doesn’t offer this, why not start a movement yourself? Set up a donation drive, and invite your coworkers to give unwanted and gently used items to the charity of your choice. Ask your company to sponsor you, or organize a raffle event and give all the proceeds to an important cause.

Your paycheck might be the first and most common reason why you work. But there are ways to add meaning and fulfillment to your daily labor so that you feel more contentment and purpose Monday through Friday.

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