3 Best Reasons to Charter a Yacht on Your Next Vacation

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If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that the old way of travelling for fun is not so attractive anymore. Staying in an expensive and crowded hotel and standing in line to see the major sites is not only an awful experience but it is not even allowed in many places. 

This is why doing something different for a vacation is such a good idea. One of the best ideas for something different is to charter a private yacht with a crew. In this article, we will go over some of the best reasons to charter a yacht and enjoy a few days or weeks on the high seas. 

Get away from the crowds

When you are out on a chartered yacht, like ones from 12knots.com, it is just you and the small crew aboard. You are completely away from the crowds. Even the destinations where you will stop will be less crowded since you have the option to stop wherever you want. Coming in from the sea gives you a lot of options on destinations. 

You are able to find a small beach in a cove that is only accessible by sea and will often have it to yourself. There are small ports scattered all over the coast where you can moor up to do some shopping or see an off-the-beaten-path site. 

Imagine being in the Aegean Sea with a number of small Greek islands at your disposal that has no tourists at all. Some of them will literally have no people and there are things like ancient ruins there that are unspoiled by mass tourism

No schedule

One of the greatest things about being on a charter is that there is a timetable. You are in total control of what you do and when. If you need to take a boat or train when travelling you have to work a schedule into your plans so you can be on time. That is not necessary when you are on a charter. 

You can go where you want and when. Or, choose to go nowhere at all. Many yachts are equipped with a lot of extras so you are able to do things like go kayaking or snorkelling whenever the mood strikes you. No need to worry about if the rental shop is open or if they are out of gear. 

Full immersion in nature

Even though you will have all the modern conveniences of everyday life, you will be experiencing nature at its fullest since you are always out at sea. You’ll see all kinds of birds, sea life, and even seals when you are out on the water. 

The stars are clearer than you will ever see when you are near a city with the entire Milky Way visible. You’ll get a sense of just how wild the world is when you are out on the water instead of in a cabin or hotel.

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