12 Biggest Pregnancy Issues and How to Overcome Them

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For new moms, having the first baby can be a dream come true and exciting time. And even though pregnancy and birth can be a beautiful experience for women, they also bring some changes that take first-time moms for a surprise.

So, here are twelve of the biggest issues related to pregnancy. Your pregnancy will be amazing, but it helps to know about these potential shifts and changes.

  1. People Will Give You Lots of Unsolicited Advice

Whether you’re an independent, do-it-yourself kind of gal or a more docile lady, one thing’s for certain. Strangers, as well as friends and family, are going to give you lots of unsolicited advice.

While they all mean well, it can be overwhelming and confusing to sort through everything. So, even though it’s important to respect the insight of other people, it’s also important to draw healthy boundaries.

And you don’t have to implement any advice you don’t feel comfortable with.

  1. Your Shifting Hormones Are Going to Change You

You’re still going to be the same girl you were before the egg met the sperm, but now that you’re pregnant, your hormone levels will shift. This can make you feel emotionally low. It can make you overact, and it can give you that famous “glowy” look.

But watch out, that glowy complexion is due to an increase in your skin’s oil production. So, take care to keep your skin clean because these hormone changes can leave you with pimples, redness and other skin issues.

But don’t worry, it will pass!

  1. You Will Have Gas and Lots of It

Your digestive system works a little slower during the second trimester, so be prepared for bloating, burping and gas.

If you go into pregnancy unaware of this natural change, you can easily think you’re becoming uncouth and gross. But you’re not. These are normal body shifts, so go ahead and take it in stride.

  1. Your Ankles Will Swell

Your ankles will probably swell due to water retention down there. This can be annoying to first-time moms for two reasons.

First of all, your feet look bigger and unattractive.

Secondly, your swollen feet might not fit into all of your shoes, and that can be uncomfortable. But rest assured, the swelling goes down once the baby is born.

  1. Your Feet Might Grow

In pregnancy, your ankles swell up, but as we said, they go back to normal shortly after birth. But one permanent change that can happen is that your foot size will actually increase.

That’s right!

The growth hormones at work in your body can affect your own feet. While it’s disappointing to need to replace your shoes, it does mean you’re entitled to a shopping spree!

  1. You Don’t Need ALL The Maternity Clothes

Since your body is going to be changing so much, you might think you need to get all of those maternity clothes. But lots of experienced moms suggest only getting a couple of pairs of maternity pants, and a size adjuster for your other pants. As you grow bigger, you can upgrade to a larger size.

Some moms even advocate wearing normal clothing and showing off your beautiful bump. This can help you feel more sexy and attractive, instead of hiding behind loose and frumpy maternity gear.

Besides, you might need to save some money for your new shoe collection!

  1. You’ll Probably Get Constipated

All of those shifting hormones affect more than just your new baby’s development. An increase in some hormones helps to relax and loosen muscles and ligaments. This is necessary for your widening hips and upcoming birth. But it also relaxes your intestines.

Let’s just say, your intestines are taking it a little easier, and food isn’t getting pushed on through the way it used to. This can lead to constipation. So, try to eat adequate amounts of fiber, leafy greens, prunes and stay hydrated.

  1. You Don’t Have to Love Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing, biological miracle but… it’s also hard!

So, it’s okay if you don’t love it and experience complete and utter euphoria. Don’t feel ashamed of your feelings and experiences. Acknowledge them, accept them, and look for things that do light you up during those nine months.

  1. You Might Feel Disappointed About Baby Gender

Maybe you relate to girls rather than boys. Or, maybe it was your dream to have a little boy first.

The point is, you might be disappointed after learning the baby’s gender. You’re not a bad person for feeling this way.

Instead, allow yourself to feel any negative emotions, but then, start preparing for your little one. They’re excited to see you!

  1. Don’t Wait For Birth To Start Learning

Even though your body changes a lot during pregnancy, your routine and daily life continue as normal. It can be easy to forget that there’s a baby (and an influx of new challenges) coming your way. So, try to use your pregnancy as a big, educational phase.

Take childbirth classes and decide what kind of birth you’d like to have. Writing a birth plan is a good way to identify what’s important to you. Do you want to breastfeed or bottle feed? You might want to research breastfeeding or join a local chapter of La Leche League. You can also look into getting a midwife or doula to support your pregnancy and birth.

Once the baby’s born, there will probably be more expenses and less income. So, even though it’s a good idea to treat yourself and take advantage of these independent and free days, try to set money aside for the post-baby budget.

  1. You Might Pee Your Panties

Yes, you read that right.

And if it happens to you, it’s not because you’re digressing. It’s simply that your growing baby puts a lot of pressure on your bladder, so incontinence is totally possible.

When you’re out and about, just remember to pack a fresh pair of panties for yourself. Just in case!

  1. Babies Move and It Hurts

It’s a joy to feel the first flutter inside your belly. But once your baby gets bigger, they can kick right into your ribs or other spots.

And yikes! It can hurt.

When you’re pregnant for the first time, it doesn’t just mean that a baby is growing inside of you for the first time. It means you’re going to have an array of new sensations, emotions, and experiences.

Try to take them in stride and with good humor. It will all be worth it in the end.

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