3 Accessories for Long Dog Walks

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Dog walking is the perfect way to stay physically active, get fresh air and sunlight, and spend quality time with your furry companion. It’s also an opportunity for your dog to explore new places and experience new smells and sounds.

Whether you enjoy taking your dog for long walks down the beach, through your local town, or along enclosed forest trails, it’s important to invest in the right accessories. Having the right equipment makes dog walking safer and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Below, we’ve got a list of dog-walking essentials that you need to invest in for maximum safety, enjoyment, and comfort.

Comfortable Shoes or Boots

When you’re walking your dog every day for long periods, having comfortable and well-fitted shoes is essential. With the perfect pair of shoes or boots, you can remain comfortable during your walks and prevent the risk of blisters or ankle injuries.

Invest in high-quality dog shoes for hiking. Such boots are ideal for long dog walks in any location, so it’s worth getting some, even if you’re not planning on traversing mountains and rocky terrains. They protect your feet and ankles, providing maximum support and stability as you walk.

Consider getting your dog some small boots to protect their paws from potential hazards on the floor. Dog boots prevent small stones from getting stuck between their paw pads and keep your dog from standing on sharp objects that could give them nasty cuts.

Water Bottle and Dog Water Bowl

No matter where you’re walking your dog, you’ll need a trusted water bottle by your side to take care of your health.

Walking requires physical exertion, which causes your body to produce sweat and lose fluids. Replacing these fluids is essential for preventing dehydration and associated symptoms. Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re taking long walks on hot, humid days, as you’ll produce more sweat and lose more water than usual.

Keep a metal or plastic water bottle in your dog-walking bag or coat pocket for easy access when you’re in need of extra fluids. Take regular sips throughout your walk to stay well-hydrated and prevent thirst or dizziness.

You should also bring a small bowl for your dog to sip water at regular intervals during the walk. Water is just as important for them as it is for humans!

Leash or Harness

A strong leash or harness is essential for keeping your dog safe and close to your side throughout your long walks. A standard leash may suffice for shorter walks in familiar areas, but you’ll need a top-quality leash for longer walks, especially those that are along unfamiliar routes or where other dogs might be nearby.

You can get a retractable leash to allow your dog to explore without straying too far or into dangerous territories. Alternatively, purchase a harness for extra safety.

A harness provides a layer of insulation during cold winter walks and supports your dog’s neck and back. You can attach the harness to your leash to make it much easier to control your dog on walks.

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