2017 Spring-Summer Hottest Styles and Trends

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Now that those pies and gingerbreads are long gone and we've made our New Year's resolutions, it's about time to take a look into 2017 Spring-Summer fashion and the hottest styles that this year has in store for us. Yes, you heard that right – it might be barely the beginning of January, but it's never early to prepare for summer! Especially when the stores are already filled with the trendiest items.

Not too long ago we covered the Pantone fashion colors for the year as well so let's take a little peek at what we can expect from overall style directions on 2017.

Stripes are the new black

Sailor style has been the hottest topic almost always but 2017 is especially keen on showcasing stripes after stripes. Every color, direction and color combination – there is no way to go wrong with wearing stripes.

Romance is hot!

SS17 catwalks were filled with white flowy dresses, ruffles, floral (yes, I know – groundbreaking) – the more “girly” and romantic, the better. If this is the kind of style that's close to your heart, you can consider yourself lucky this year!

Say it like you mean it

Remember those good old comic book cut-outs on tees, big bold words, and slogans? Well, they are back! That's why it is said fashion circles – what was once in will be back soon. Christian Dior and Stella McCartney have already gone down that road and we can expect many to follow.

Pretty in pink

How long did we have to wait for pink to be the “it” color again?! It is this year! The brighter the pink, the better! Color block it or combine it with other favorite colors – there is no wrong way to wear pink.

Sleeves and shoulders

Our biggest nightmare is back – those horrendous shoulder pads that we so eagerly cut out from our mom's dresses and jackets are now back. Shoulder pads are fortunately not the only details in focus as shoulder details, in general, are in the focus point. Single shoulder cut, bold details or rectangular shapes – whatever you like, it's time to put your shoulders to work.

Same goes for sleeves – the bigger and fluffier the better while the sleeve cut should go as far as you can imagine.

Robes and revolutionized trench coats

If you thought fashion can't go any comfier than onesies, you were mistaken. It's time to bring your robes out and flaunt it around!

Trench coats, on the other hand, are making another comeback (if they were ever gone) and now they are slouchier, longer and a bit more masculine overall.

Say hi to neons!

If you thought shoulder pads are the only thing making a break from the 80s, then you might be glad (or not) to hear that same goes for neons! Similarly to pink, the brighter the color, the better it is. So go and grab those pieces from your moms' closet and you'll be all set!

What are your thoughts regarding these new/old style directions? Did anything surprise you or are you waiting for something in particular? Let us know!

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