9 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

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As winter approaches, some measures must be taken to prepare. Many people prepare their homes for winter by raking the leaves, checking their heater, and stocking on chopped wood for their fireplace. Or they prepare their wardrobes by pulling sweaters and coats out of storage.

This winter, don’t forget to also prepare your car for the cold by using these nine steps.

1. Wax

Before the snowstorms and freezing temperatures hit, it’s important to wash and wax your car. Waxing your car helps protect your paint from being scratched and ruined from the salt and dirt that gets built up on the exterior of the car.

Wax also protects your car from developing rust on any exposed metal.

2. Replace mats

The carpeted mats in your car might look nice but think of all the wet snow and mud that will get tracked into your vehicle.

Instead, replace your carpet mats with rubber ones for easier cleaning and draining. Rubber mats are extremely affordable and will save you the hassle of scrubbing out dirt in the spring.

3. Buy new blades

If you’ve ever driven through a snowstorm you know how necessary your windshield wipers are. If your blades have been leaving a few streaks on your windshield and you can’t remember the last time you replaced them, it might be time to buy new ones.

Be sure that you don’t use your wipers to remove ice as that can damage the blades. Scrap your windows first, and then use anti-freeze windshield fluid and your wipers to finish the job.

4. Change tires

All-season or snow tires can help protect your car and you by keeping you from sliding off the road or into other lanes.

At the first sign of sticking snow, consider making an appointment with your local tire shop for a tire change.

5. Eliminate odors

Before you take a road trip for the holidays or pile all your buddies in the car for a ski trip, you may want to consider having your car cleaned to remove interior odors.

Companies like puremaintenanceofwashington.com work to eliminate bad smells from your vehicle.

6. Have extra’s handy

Pulled over on the side of the road is not a fun or safe place to be during a snowstorm. Prepare for emergencies by having extra oil, coolant, and windshield fluid in your trunk.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a snow scraper to clear your windows and tire chains just in case you need extra traction.

7. Fix your heater

A broken heater or A/C unit in your car is a pricey fix to make, but if you plan on making any long drives this winter, it’s worth it.

You won’t want to sit in a freezing car any longer than 10 minutes.

8. Have an inspection

The winter is an unfortunate time to have car trouble because you don’t want to stand in the cold trying to solve the problem.

Take your car to get inspected before the snow hits to prevent any roadside emergencies.

9. Make an emergency kit

Even if you’ve had your car inspected and you have snow tires on, there is always a possibility of an emergency. You could get stuck in a snowbank or lost in a storm. It’s always best to be prepared for emergencies.

Create a kit that you can keep in your trunk that has extra gloves, blankets, a flashlight, a shovel, kitty litter, flares, and snacks in it.

Preparing your car for the cold will keep you safe as you travel the snow-coated roads this winter.

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