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You don’t need a motorcycle to master the biker chic style. And it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing effort either. In fact, no matter what your current style, there’s probably room for some biker chic in your life.

All you have to do is incorporate some key pieces to create an instant edge in your current wardrobe. Here are the biker chic essentials you need. Plus, some celebrity style inspiration!

Leather Jackets Are a Must

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Leather jackets might be a biker chic staple better suited for cooler temperatures, so why not start shopping around for your next black jacket?

Not only is it the perfect piece to help you transition into the fall and winter months, but it can instantly change your normal ensemble.

What’s more, a high-quality jacket will be a reliable piece for years to come.

Strut Your Stuff in Boots or Cage Heels

Whether you wear jeans, leather skirts or leggings, boots or moto chic-inspired heels are essential for your rock-n-roll outfit. Classic, black biker boots from shops like Madewell are a given. Or, if you like to glam it up, go for platform booties instead.

Cage heels are a bit sassier, but they pair equally well with jeans or skirts. And with so many varieties and colors available, you can tread the waters cautiously or go all out. When it comes to cost, you can spend a fortune, or be frugal. It’s up to you!

Leather Skirt

Leather skirts can pretty much carry an outfit all on their own. It’s just important to be sure that they sit above the knee, so miniskirts are your best bet. You can look for skirts with metal hardware, zippers, and fun detailing for an edgy feel.

Style blogger, Lily Pebbles offers lots of fun advice in her video, How to Style a Leather Skirt. Some outfit ideas lean more towards biker chic. Other looks leave room for your girly, feminine style to shine through.

With a leather skirt, you can easily move from day to night without having to adjust your outfit too much.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

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Baggy, ripped jeans might not be biker chic all on their own, but pair them with a stylish pair of cage heels or a leather jacket, and you’re instantly rebellious. Not only are they widely available, but you can find the perfect pair no matter what your budget is.

And if you decide to invest in some biker chic jeans, you can easily wear them in many different types of outfits, too.

Leather Vest

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Leather vests with asymmetrical zippers, stand-out hardware, and form-fitting design create instant biker chic. Plus, it’s an easy way to look great and stay warm when the weather starts to shift.

And if black isn’t your best color, or you want to invest in a statement piece, you can add some color to your wardrobe with mustard yellow, cool greys, soft pinks, subtle maroons or brightly embroidered leather pieces.


Even biker chicks need their accessories. Chunky chains are defiant pieces. Animal print bags add a little variety to your otherwise black ensemble.

And don’t forget detailed belts that accentuate your waist and keep those boyfriend jeans in place.

Non-Leather Options for Vegan Biker Chicks

By this point, it’s clear that leather pieces are essential if you want to pull off the biker chic style like a pro. But what if your vegan values, along with your fight against animal cruelty keeps you from buying animal products? Is it impossible for you to enjoy these edgy outfits, too?

Absolutely not! The demand for faux-leather and vegan options is definitely growing, and you can easily strike a pose without harming your animal friends.

Check out this vegan leather cropped moto jacket from Nasty Gal. Faux leather boots are also easy to find, like these Dr. Martens ankle boots. Stella McCartney is leading the way with cruelty-free, faux leather bags, but if that’s out of your price range, check out this studded saddle bag by Ellie's Tribe.

Biker Chic: Celebrity Edition

Are you still on the fence when it comes to biker chic? If you’re afraid you’re going to look more biker than beautiful, take a look at these style icons and how they interpret this alternative look.

Mimi Ikonn

Image: Mimi Ikonn Vlog

Fashion icon, Mimi Ikonn, creates the ultimate feminine biker ensemble with a lace dress, paired with a Stella McCartney Bag, black heels and a black moto jacket.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image: Pinterest

There are very few looks that Gwyneth Paltrow can’t pull off, and her subtle biker outfit is proof of this. Paltrow has been spotted wearing skinny jeans, a grey sweater, and junky metal jewelry. What gives her outfit that edgy feel? Her black leather jacket and slip-on, black leather boots.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr
Image: Pinterest

Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr, usually wows us with her sweetheart appeal. But even she can rock the biker chic, too. What’s her secret? Her shoot for the June 2014 Edit magazine shows her looking glamorous and gorgeous in black skinny jeans and black stilettos, all topped off with a masculine leather vest. It’s an easy outfit, but hard to miss.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
Image: Pinterest

This quintessential, American beauty is often seen with a casual approach to biker chic. Blue jeans, black tank, army boots and a cozy scarf keep it simple. But she’s also not afraid to wear all black, pairing a moto jacket with a pencil skirt and knee-high boots.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss
Image: / photo shoot for Ponystep

Top model, Kate Moss, offers a girly way to pull of biker chic. The leather jacket’s a given, but she switches things up with her satin-y dress and clutch bag.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Image: Pinterest

For wintery events, you can combine a velvet skater’s dress with leather boots and fishnet tights, or even with a leather jacket, like the singer, Katy Perry does.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock
Image: Pinterest

With or without her ex-husband, Sandra Bullock, nails biker chic with a longer, leather jacket for an easy, out-n-about outfit.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to rock the biker chic style. You also don’t have to wear black leather from head to toe. You just need to pick up a few key pieces and add them to your current wardrobe to add a bit of edgy rebellion to your current outfits.

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