4 Ways to Find a Great Lawyer for Your Family

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At times, you may find yourself in a situation where you need legal representation. You may need to file for divorce or child custody. Whatever the case is, it involves your life, liberties, money, and family, so your case carries great importance. That's why having an experienced lawyer representing you is essential to how successful your outcome will be.

However, finding a good attorney isn't as simple as looking in the phonebook or online directory under “Attorney.”

Those directories might have lawyers who are considered reputable but may not have much experience with your specific type of legal case. Here are some tips for finding an attorney who will fight for you:

Find a lawyer through the bar association

Many bar associations have referral services that can help you find an attorney. You may be able to schedule a consultation with Kerley Schaffer or more attorneys through these services who will meet with you and discuss your legal case for free.

These kinds of lawyers may have dealt with victims of injustice before and can provide insights on how to tackle your case.

You'll want to make sure that any lawyer you're considering has been recommended by several sources, such as family and friends, lawyers, and other knowledgeable people.

Finally, remember that even though there are good lawyers out there who specialize in specific types of cases—often identified by certain abbreviations after their name. Some good lawyers practice multiple types of law, so don't be afraid to ask your potential attorney what kinds of cases they typically handle.

Ask family and friends for help

The most reliable way to find a good lawyer is by asking the people you know who lawyers in the past have represented. You can also request any lawyers you may know for their advice on finding great legal representation.

You may be surprised how many of your friends, family members, and acquaintances have needed an attorney's help at some point in time.

Don't stop with just one person, keep asking everyone that comes to mind. Your family and friends will give you honest answers about which attorneys they liked or didn't like, so their input is invaluable in finding someone experienced who will genuinely fight for you during your case.

However, when speaking with others about which lawyer to select, make sure not to do so when other people are around. There's nothing more embarrassing than having someone overhear your conversation and think poorly of you because they think you've done something wrong.

Learn about the lawyer through past clients' testimonials

Some lawyers will have a website that allows you to read testimonials from their past clients. In comparison, you should always take these with a grain of salt, as people only tend to write about experiences with excellent or bad attorneys.

It can be helpful to get an idea of how a lawyer works and what kind of outcomes they've been able to achieve for their clients.

As with any service provider, learning about the quality of their work through past clients is not only helpful but necessary. After all, what better way to learn about someone's abilities than through what others say about them?

Just like you hear testimonials on TV for different products and services, you can find similar recommendations online or in newspapers that contain information from former clients.

Accept only attorneys who plan to handle your case

Many big law firms have attorneys who specialize in different areas of law. While this can be helpful if you have a general case that requires multiple legal services, it can also be a disadvantage if you need someone to focus on your case specifically.

When looking for an attorney, make sure to ask the one you're considering whether they will be the one handling your case or if it will be passed off to another lawyer at the firm. You don't want to be dealing with multiple people during what is likely to be a very stressful time in your life.

Dealing with just one attorney familiar with your case and its progress is key to ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

If ever there comes a time when you need legal representation, use these tips to help guide your journey toward finding the best lawyer possible for your circumstances. Use the knowledge gained from speaking with family members, friends, bar associations, and past clients to find the right fit among lawyers who specialize in cases similar to yours.

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