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Allergens sensitivity begins at home. Namely, our immune system is weakened by the allergens from our immediate environment causing breaks by the ones from the outer environment. Most people stay indoors when there is a high index of pollen and mold particles in the air.

However, it does not make your home a safe place because of all the dust, debris of the pests, and even cockroaches. On the other hand, there are some things you can do and make your home a better place to be. Here is a handful of advice on how to prevent allergens in your home. 

Air purifiers 

One of the most effective ways to purify the air in your home is by having these small devices. Earlier, there were some ridiculously huge air purifiers that took way too much space.

Luckily, nowadays, there are small sizes available with equally effective air purification. Some air purifiers have an option to reduce humidity in your home which proved to be the grounds of making your allergies even more drastic. Air conditioners can help you with humidity reduction.

However, the best way to reduce the number of allergens in your home is to get rid of the sources of the allergen. Back to humidity, it can irritate molds and mite growth. So, besides allergens sources, you should think about the overall air quality in your home. 


You should control dust sources in your home as much as possible if we take into consideration that dust allergies are some of the most common. Tips that you might find useful are: 

  • bare walls and floors are preferable, with minimal decorations that will collect dust. If you prefer some decorations, try to minimize them and make them even more elegant. 
  • try to avoid wall-to-wall carpets. These carpets will contain dust you cannot even reach. If you must have a carpet then try to get smaller, low-pile carpets or rugs that you can easily wash. 
  • avoid overstuffed furniture and heavy drapes. 
  • if possible, replace drapes with roller blinds or washable curtains. Make sure to wash your curtains regularly because they collect a lot of dust.


It is recommended to vacuum at least once or twice a week. Vacuuming helps you reduce allergens and keep the levels considerably low. However, low-quality vacuums can release dust back into the air and even worsen the situation. There are some vacuum cleaners that are allergies and asthma friendly and are tested for the particles going back to air.

If you are highly sensitive to dust and other allergens from your immediate environment, it is smart to wear a multilayered face mask. Additionally, while dusting the surfaces, you should use a damp cleaning cloth or the one treated with polish for dusting. 

Prevent pollen

This is like fighting an invisible enemy. But it is necessary if you want to breathe fresh air. You might risk air in the house being too stuffed, but you can deal with this by using an air conditioner and air purifier. Consider getting some plants that will absorb all bad gasses from your home and produce fresh oxygen.

On the other hand, if you are regularly using air conditioning for reducing humidity and keep your air fresh, just make sure that you are changing the filters often. 

Wash and cover pillows 

After a long and tiring day, all of us cannot wait for the moment to snuggle into soft pillows. Do you know who is a great fan of pillows as well? Dust mites. It is scientifically proven that pillows and mattresses get heavier over time because of the dust mites and their releases.

By using high-quality vacuum cleaners, you can get most of it out of your mattress. On the other hand, having washable pillowcases is a must. You should wash and change your pillowcases every three weeks. When it comes to pillows, depending on the type you have, you should wash them every three to four months. 

Green cleaning products 

Cleaning products can make your allergies and asthma even worse. This is your signal to switch to some green, environmentally friendly cleaning products. These will absorb all dust particles and allergens as effectively as the chemically based products.

Luckily, nowadays there are many available options, and you can make them on your own as well by using some products you already have in your home, like baking soda. 

Controlling allergens in your home can be quite demanding but it is not impossible. Previously listed tips are some of the most efficient ways for reaching the goal. 

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