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The nautical style works for summer almost as infamously as florals do for spring. The classic casual look has always been loved but 2019 brings a new life to the much-beloved sailor style and seems to put it high on the style pedestal.

Seashells, ropes, stripes, and fishnet – this summer you can flash all of your nautical-themed clothes and accessories proudly.

Nautical style basics: Breton shirt

Nautical style basics Breton shirt

The French striped Breton shirt is the very essence of modern nautical style. The Breton shirt dates back to 1858 when a decree dictated what the French Navy's new uniform must look like: indigo blue stripes and 21 white stripes that are twice as wide as the blue ones.

While Breton shirt is a staple piece in modern wardrobes, this specific design actually carried a significant purpose. The goal of this striped knit shirt was to make it easier to spot a crewmember who had fallen overboard.

The classic Breton shirt was usually made of wool or strong cotton to keep the crew warm. For that reason, a company called Saint James manufactured the navy shirts as they were known already in the 19th century for their fine weaving work. To this day, Saint James is one of the leaders of the Breton shirt industry.

Coco Chanel could be blamed for making the Breton shirt as loved as it is today. After Chanel introduced the nautical stripe to women's casual fashion, it has reigned the runways almost on a yearly basis.

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Wide-leg sailor pants and chinos

Wide-leg sailor pants and chinos
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Chinos are nowadays widely known for their preppy ivy-league look, but they actually originate from military uniforms, similarly to the Breton shirt. Usually earth-toned, the pants provided camouflage to the army but at the same time, the 100% cotton fabric was lightweight and incredibly durable. For the same reasons, chinos became popular among civilians.

Chinos seem to be making their way back to mainstream fashion now, especially when they're combined with Converse-style sneakers and a classy Breton shirt.

Besides classic chinos, simple wide-leg “sailor pants” fit perfectly both for casual wear and fancier evening looks. Thanks to their versatile nature, you can easily swap your sneakers for high heels to change the look instantly and without worrying whether your pants with the scene or not. With chinos, you'll look stunning in every occasion!

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Rock the fishnet

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As 2019 spring fashion week proved, fishnet is back and stronger than ever. From Dior and Phillip Lim to Louis Vuitton, fishnet tops and dresses are here for summer 2019.

Fishnets have so far been associated mainly with stockings and even in that case, many are wondering how to wear fishnet stockings in a classy way. Well, this summer you can cast a fishnet dress on you proudly. Combine the fishnet with strappy sandals and body-tight leggings or just throw on the dress on top of your bikinis. Fishnet pattern is the way to go!

Smocked bikinis and tops

From bikinis to tops – smocking has been in for quite some time and 2019 summer is no different. Smocked clothes are especially popular since they let you move freely thanks to their stretchy nature. Everything's right where it's supposed to be – no worries about your bikini top not holding your ladyparts at one place.

While smocking itself is not so clearly related to classic nautical style, smocked bikini tops like this DIDK bandeau set go amazingly with chinos, complementing your nautical style with a bit of a modern touch.

Rope sandals and espadrilles

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Sea-inspired shoes

Yes, your grandpa's boat shoes are in again. And so are those strange cork-sandals with ropes and sea-themed details.

2019 spring fashion week showcased ropes and seashells proudly in footwear and even introduced rope-sandals that seem to replace flip-flops this summer. Influenced a little by Roman style, you can look out for ropes and nautical details when shopping for new summer sandals. These Nomadic State of Mind sandals are one of the finest examples of well-crafted rope-sandals that are created to keep your feet comfy and happy.

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Espadrilles and boat shoes are not going anywhere either. These comfy shoes which originate from as early as 1935 were initially created to provide some traction on the slippery deck but similarly to other nautical details, boat shoes are now the go-to piece in every girl's wardrobe – especially when your feet are tired from the sky-high stilettos.

The main keywords this summer are comfort and nature. Opt for clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable – you can easily wear chinos, stripy t-shirt and espadrilles and be the chicest girl on the block. This summer, fashion doesn't need sacrifices – it empowers you and lets you enjoy the warm summer sun without worrying about your outfit.

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