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It might feel like it’s too soon to talk about the makeup and fashion trends for 2019. But next year will be here before you know it! And thanks to some of the latest runway shows, we already know what some of the biggest makeup and fashion trends for 2019 are going to be.

From bold to demure, here are the looks you’ll need if you want to be in vogue in 2019.

Bold eye color

If you watched the runways at Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, and Elie Saab, you would have noticed all the monochrome eyes. The lids, lashes and water line are painted in glorious vibrant colors for a dynamic and striking look.

Cover up clothes

Next year, don’t expect to see plunging necklines and lots of exposed skin. Instead, say hello to floor-length pieces that give you full coverage.

From dresses to skirts, to pantsuits, some looks seem religious, like those we saw from Valentino, and Gucci.

French girl red lips

If you like French girl fashion, you’ll be happy to hear that true red lips made an appearance on the McQueen and Rochas runways, and it’s a look you can enjoy throughout 2019, too.

Layered karate belts

Alexander Wang’s 2019 Resort looks are full of leather jackets, with broad shoulders and a heavily belted waist. This look carries over to karate-style belt layers that give your outfit a fierce, combat look.

Kaleidoscope eyes

Futuristic, kaleidoscope eyes stole the show at many of the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 runways. It’s an outside-the-box makeup look that you can expect to see next year, too.

Geometric shapes, abstract forms, bold strokes, and primary colors transformed ordinary faces into modern art pieces. From Louis Vuitton to Jason Wu, to Sies Marjan and Emporio Armani, kaleidoscope eyes are definitely a big 2019 makeup trend to look out for.

Vintage safari fashion

Among many other striking pieces, Dior brought vintage safari fashion to the table. From modest tan khaki jackets to full midi skirts, tapered tan pants and yes, even straw hats, runway models seemed to be coming straight from an early 20th-century African safari.

Over-the-top cat eyes

Another big eye makeup trend that everyone noticed at Tom Ford and Max Mara were some pretty extreme cat eyes, complete with thick black eyeliner, far-reaching wing tips, and silver highlights in the inner eye.

It’s a bold look that will probably make it to 2019 and beyond. And while it may not be a very office-appropriate look, you might want to play this look for evening outings and weekend fun.

Glitter, glitter, glitter

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Sparkling glitter didn’t just show up as an accent or a highlight piece. Glitter took over entire faces and lips.

In fact, glitter offered something totally spectacular, transforming faces into a sparkly display of stars.

The most dramatic looks were seen at the Giambattista Valli shows, along with Dries Van Noten and Genny.

Midi skirt and jacket combo

A bit schoolmistress, a bit alternative, this look showed up a lot at Dior’s runway.

Whether it was monochrome matching, or floral, whimsical skirts with a masculine jacket, the midi skirt paired with a jacket is a look that we see again and again at Dior. No doubt it will be an easy look to replicate with basic wardrobe pieces you already have.

Stained lips

Lip stains make faces look both edgy and romantic, innocent and slightly naughty. The lips of Erdem models were punctuated with deep stains.

Miu Miu also went with lip stains that gave a dramatic feel. Richard Malone gave us berry-stained lips that felt a bit raw and unedited.

Grungy, chunky patterns

It comes as no surprise that some grungy prints popped up at Prada’s runway, but we got to see some pretty dizzying patterns at Gucci and , too. So, if you want to make a statement and be absolutely unmissable, this is a look you’ll want to check out.

Toned down contouring

Bold contouring will take a hiatus and make way for a toned down contouring trend. Barely there contouring was the beauty secret at Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Moschino, and Stella McCartney runways.

Oversized men’s coats

One look that popped up for the Fall 2018 trend were men’s coats that look large, boxy, and oversized. From retro plaids to classic grey, this is the perfect transition piece for cooler weather. And Stella McCartney’s exaggerated coats are a definite favorite here.

What’s more, you can wear this type of coat with pants and skirts of all different cuts, styles, and length. It’s definitely not a classic piece, but it’s a smart, edgy outfit that keeps your outfit looking current and contemporary.

Pale eyes

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Compared with bold, futuristic eye looks, the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 runways also saw some soft, pastel eyeshadows. Crayon blue, bubble gum pinks and overall gentle tones set the mood at Oscar de la Renta and Au Jour Le Jour.

Chic structure

Saint Laurent’s Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection is an impressive array of perfectly structured, yet always surprising pieces that evoke men’s formal wear, but leave women looking incredibly sexy and powerful.

A common look was short shorts, paired with a sharp, boxy jacket, complete with a plunging neckline.

Glossy, nude lips

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If you’re not a fan of bold looks and red lips, feel free to stick to your glossy nude lip. They were all over the 2018/2019 runway. They’re natural, demure and easy to pull off no matter what the occasion.

Favorite glossy nude lips showed up at Marni, Fendi, Miu Miu, and Valentino – just to name some of the top designers who favored this natural, no-makeup makeup look.

Sweeping skirts and side cut-outs

We couldn’t help but notice a pattern at Miu Miu’s 2019 resort collection: long sweeping skirts with a modest top. The fun part is that between the sweeping skirt and top, there are two side cutouts, revealing a peep of skin at the waistline.

From satiny skirts with bold leopard prints to see-through chiffons with dazzling tops, Miu Miu created some pretty bold dresses, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one of our own.

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