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Supermodels might rock the body con dress on the runway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strut your stuff on the sidewalks, too. Skin-tight clothing can certainly be intimidating for women.

But with a big dose of confidence and the right styling tips, you can wear tight dresses and skirts without looking tacky or unprofessional.

Wear confidence first

Most style advice will tell you that the first key to wearing skin-tight clothing is to find the perfect underwear.

But there’s something else you need even more important than that. And you don’t actually wear it.

It’s something you have to wear from the inside out – confidence.

With confidence, you don’t have to be ashamed of your figure, shape, dress size, or cellulite.

Body-conscious (body-con) dresses, or any figure-forming pieces, are all things you can wear as long as you feel proud, fearless, comfortable, and happy with who you are and how you look.

And when you believe in yourself, it shines through and transforms any outfit you have on.

Keep things private – let's talk underwear

Because skin-tight clothing is so form-fitting, it’s important to keep your underwear under wraps.

You can do this by wearing seamless and nude colored pieces. Avoid patterns, ruching, and seams – they can quickly dismantle your impressive look.

Make friends with shapewear

Now, you might be embarrassed that you have to resort to shapewear and Spanx.

But now’s not the time to shame yourself. Besides, shapewear is there for the taking, and it will make you look great. So, why not use it?

Everyone else is!

Shapewear can smooth any bumps and lumps, and create a slim, trim look. When you want to wear skin-tight clothes but think your body will only get in the way, this can be just the thing you need.

Work around your belly

Most women want a body they don’t have: flat stomachs, lifted booties, toned thighs, and trimmed waists. And it’s safe to say that most women are embarrassed about their tummies the most.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hide underneath baggy clothes or unflattering pieces. And here are some easy ways to wear tight dresses even with a belly.

1. Wear belts

Find a thin belt that’s darker than the color of your dress’s top and bottom. Wear it at the narrowest part of your waist. This creates a flattering, cinching effect and plays up your natural curves.

Or as an alternative, use wide belts that will add some volume to your waist, accentuating your slimmest part.

2. Choose the right colors and patterns

Unless you’re thin or have an hourglass shape, a solid-colored dress is a hard look to pull off.

More forgiving dresses use fun prints and patterns to divert attention away you’re your problematic areas. Contrasting color panels that run vertically help to elongate the body and color blocking can accentuate your narrowest areas.

3. Look up!

If you don’t want people to notice your belly, give them something to focus on instead.

You can draw attention away from your natural waist by choosing empire waist styles. Other options can be wearing deeper necklines or statement jewelry.

If you'd like to take things further, consider getting a great scarf from luxury brands like Prada or Dolce & Gabbana. With a scarf like that, no one is ever going to pay attention to your belly! Plus, you'll feel like a million bucks when your neck is decorated with amazing silky goodness.

Hint: carries hundreds of beautiful scarves from top-notch brands, but with great discounts.

4. Forget the lycra

Skin-tight clothing is usually made with Lycra material. But you don’t have to wear clingy wraps if you don’t want to.

Instead, look for tight clothes that use sturdy, yet stretchy materials. You’ll still be able to flaunt your figure without feeling so exposed. And if you want a little more coverage, a long cardigan can help.

Find The Right Proportion

When you wear skin-tight clothes, that doesn’t mean that the entire piece has to feel like another layer of skin. It’s important to wear tight clothing that’s tight in all right places. This helps you play up your strong points.

For example, if you’re full on top, try not to wear skin-tight garments up there. It will look forced and you’re likely to spill out. Instead, play a tight pencil skirt on the bottom.

Similarly, if you’re more flat on top, a figure-hugging garment can help you play up your natural curves.

How to Wear Tight Skirts

Women with natural, hourglass figures have the best shape for the tight pencil skirt. But that doesn’t mean everyone else has to avoid it. Tight skirts should make every woman look slimmer and longer, and this is how you can achieve that elegant look, too.

1. Shapewear

Tight dresses aren’t the only time shapewear comes in handy. Use shapewear to boost your confidence and smooth out your figure before stepping into a fitted skirt.

2. Legs and length

When you want to draw the focus to your legs, make sure you’ve got the right length skirt.

Too long, and you’ll look frumpy. Too short, and it’s tacky and inappropriate.

A skirt that hits right above the knee is generally perfect for most women. And a good tailor can find the perfect length for you.

You can also create length by choosing skirts with vertical patterns, stripes, zips, and slits. And finally, make sure your material doesn’t gather, bunch or pucker. This will make you look heavy, and ruin the smooth, clean line of a tight skirt.

3. Hide the belly

Think about keeping the eyes moving up and down from your waist. To bring the focus up, wear peplum or wrap tops, or those made with ruching. You can also style your outfit with fun accessories and jewelry.

And to accentuate your legs, wear skirts with decorative hemlines. Lace, ruffles, pleats, and fringe can all add a fun point of interest away from the belly. And to finish it off, step into your favorite pair of stilettoes.

That will lengthen your legs and a bit of va-va-voom to your step.

Everybody is different, and what looks great on one woman might not suit you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear tight clothing and accentuate your best qualities, all while camouflaging the problematic spots, too.

By using the right material, color, style, and sassy confidence, you can easily find a piece that makes you look great.

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