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I know that we live in the digital world where we are continuously bombarded with different fashion ideas and styles and most of them come from the so-called social media influencers that define themselves as true fashionistas.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, however, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately fall victim to the latest trends they promote because these trends normally go away pretty quickly. But then there are some outfits and pieces of clothing that always remain iconic.

And that’s precisely the topic I will cover today. I will create a list of fashion items that will always stay popular and that will never go out of style no matter what anyone else says. So let’s check them out together!

Black skinny jeans

I know that lots of kiddos from Gen Z despise skinny jeans in general and that there are a lot of women who opt for mom jeans whenever they want to embellish their outfit, however, if you ask me whenever black skinny jeans come into play, they overshadow everything and everybody else.

And what I love about them, even more, is that you do not need to be a fashion guru or to be of a certain body type in order to look stylish and breathtaking in these jeans. Plus, I’ve noticed that precisely these sorts of jeans tend to accentuate the beauty of someone's face when they wear them.

Maybe I am imagining things, but I am positively sure that every woman out there is a lot more attractive with them. Not to mention the fact that you can wear them to both elegant and casual events because they can be perfectly combined with heels or sneakers.

Plus, if you decide to put on a cute t-shirt, or an elegant blouse, you're going to sweep everyone off their feet.

Faux leather platform shoes

I know that lots of ladies out there resort to heels whenever they want to look more feminine or elegant, yet deep down they often feel very miserable because heels make them feel very uncomfortable.

After all, who can walk or stand for hours in high heels? I know I certainly can’t! That’s why each time I want to feel chic and dashing I obtain a solid pair of faux leather platform shoes because they are capable of taking even the most basic look up a notch. Even though these sorts of shoes haven't been popular for a very long time, they somehow wrestled their way to the top once again to show other shoes who's the boss!

An amazing thing about them is that you can combine them with a shorter skirt, elegant pants, or any other piece of clothing, and you'll quickly notice how they will add rich texture to your outfit.

Pencil skirts

To the younger generation, pencil skirts may seem like something new, but in fact, they first caught our attention back in 1908 when Mrs. Edith Berry (the first woman from the USA to fly a plane) wore them.

She was scared that her skirt will easily move around during the flight so she decided to tie a stretch of rope around the ankles. As soon as she arrived, her outfit was immediately noticed by the paparazzi who simply had to take a picture of this “invention”.

Back then, it was defined as the hobble skirt, however, almost seventy years ago, Christian Dior presented this type of skirt to the world and renamed it the pencil skirt. Why do women love it even to this day?

Well, that's because it's suitable for any body shape because it perfectly flatters every figure. When women wear it, they almost always feel very feminine because this skirt has the special ability to highlight the waist and hips.

A-line dresses

Here’s another great example of something that will always remain relevant in the fashion industry. This type of dress can be both very elegant and simple. If you're worried that you won't look sophisticated enough if you opt for it, then I suggest you acquire a nice pair of heels, along with a pearl necklace. 

A-line dresses can literally be worn anywhere, starting from the office, theater, cocktail party, date night, and many other special occasions. On the other hand, if you would like to wear it, yet you're not in the mood to be too elegant, then you can always choose sneakers instead.

Just like with the aforementioned skirt, A-line dresses are also popular among ladies because they flatter every body type. If you combine this dress with a lovely purse, you will look like the most elegant fashion icon in the world.

Timeless turtlenecks

I know that this is a bit different from anything else I’ve mentioned so far, but my list would never be complete without it. In case you didn’t know, they date all the way to the fifteenth century, however, it appears to be like they’ve evolved a bit (just like most things) over time.

In comparison to some other pieces of clothing, I cannot say that most women are huge fans of turtlenecks. Sadly, that’s not the case. However, what I can guarantee you is that precisely they are going to keep you warm during cold, harsh winters. Plus, if you combine them with a lovely, long coat, and some elegant autumn boots, you’ll look even more spectacular.

Little black dress

I know that spring is just around the corner and that you cannot stop obsessing over dresses with floral designs, however, the fact that you cannot deny is that a little black dress is welcome any time of the year.

I mean if you do not believe me, then I would like to remind you that the legendary Coco Chanel introduced it because she wanted women to wear something that’s elegant without overdoing it.

I know that a lot of people think that fashion is a matter of taste and I agree with that as well, however, I also believe that precisely these fashion items must be found in the closet of every woman who loves to be stylish.

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