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You might have spotted famous celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Watson sporting black, latex pants and you’re curious to give them a try. They’re sleek, shiny and a wee bit risqué, and it’s that last part that makes latex pants a wardrobe challenge.

How can you wear them without looking like you work in the Red Light District? Here are 10 easy ways to wear latex pants, while still maintaining a professional, fashionable and stylish look.

  1. Wear a Blazer

Long blazers are trendy right now, and this long blazer from Zara can go perfectly with shiny latex bottoms. That’s because the longer style of the blazer can cover any problem areas that you’d rather not put on display. Gentle colors like this can also balance and tone down the bold pants.

  1. Color Blocks

Traditionally, suits have to match, right? Well, now that you’ve got a pair of latex pants, we’re already moving away from tradition.

So, while you’re at it, why not create a bold contrast by wearing all white on top? You can wear a white blouse and blazer like Miranda Kerr does here.

  1. Create a Suit

If you’re wearing black latex pants, choose a black, professional blazer and pair it with a white button-up, like Emma Watson does here. This creates a look that’s instantly impressive.

If you’ve got a pair of Louboutin stiletto’s lying around, it wouldn’t hurt to add them to your latex suit outfit. Black latex pants also look great with deep teal blazers and navy blue tops.

  1. Be Neutral

Since black latex pants are already quite a statement piece, try not to overdo it with bright, bold and loud colors on top. Siren reds and sun-kissed oranges are best left in the closet. Instead, choose tops that are grey, beige, cream, ivory and tan.

  1. Wear Loose-Fitting Latex Pants

Gigi Hadid proves that you can wear latex pants without becoming the ultimate sex kitten. Her adorable outfit includes a pair of wide-legged latex bottoms with a boxy, long-sleeved top.

Accessories, like a nice pair of heels and a matching clutch, will leave you in an outfit perfectly appropriate for a long work day.

  1. Peplum Tops with PVC Pants

Peplum tops are flattering on most women, and they can also help you look more discreet in your latex pants. This deep purple peplum top is a strong complement to the bold black bottoms. Graceful and delicate grey peplum top is also feminine and can calm your entire outfit a bit.

  1. Ease Into It

If you’re not sure how your new latex phase will go over in the workplace, you can always introduce a pair of shiny plastic heels and see how it goes.

Or, try a subtle undergarment, like this Kim Latex Underwire Bralet, and see how you feel. You might love it, or you might hate it. But it’s always better to know before you squeeze into a pair of tight, PVC pants.

  1. Mix and Match

Photo editor, Laura Shehata, creates a friendly, girl-next-door look with her clever styling of ankle length blank latex pants.

She wears plum colored mules, a blue and white striped button down top, and a long, dark grey trench coat. It’s immediately disarming, fun and totally stylish. Plus, the idea of fetish never once crosses your mind.

  1. Casual Yet Professional

For an attractive, feminine outfit that’s anything but a tramp, treat your latex pants like any other pair of trousers and go about your day as usual, like this fashion blogger does.

Her outfit includes black PVC pants, a white button-down blouse and an angora-like sweater. So far, her outfit is pretty neutral.

Her accessories make all the difference. She plays up the tiniest part of her waist with a thin brown belt and wears brown leather ankle booties, along with brown leather tote and a stylish fedora hat. This is an outfit can easily transition from day to night.

  1. Treat Your PVC Pants Like They’re Leather Pants

The truth is, leather pants and PVC pants can look pretty similar, depending on their shiny quality. So, when thinking up ways to style your latex pants, if you approach them in the same way you would your leather pants, you’re not far from creating a classy look.

Bold blouses can go well with wide-legged latex pants. Otherwise, why not wear your chambray or denim top with a camel colored blazer or trench coat?

Big No-No’s When It Comes to Latex Professional Look

If you’re trying to achieve a professional and stylish look, there are some fashion faux pas you should know about before you head out with your latex pants. Here’s what you should always avoid:

  • Leather jackets: Motorcycle-inspired jackets, when paired with shiny plastic pants can send all the wrong messages. So, try not to mix the two.
  • Biker Boots: Black, leather Chelsea boots or boots with significant hardware can transform your outfit into something a bit alternative, grungy and edgy. Depending on your job, that might not be very appropriate.
  • Body Harnesses: For your weekend out on the town, a body harness, paired with your latex pants might be fun and daring. But for your Monday to Friday look, it can look a bit extreme.
  • Crop tops, off-the-shoulder tops, and low cut tops: These types of tops might be fine with jeans, pencil skirts or any of pair of trousers. But with latex pants, they don’t create the most professional vibe. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them together. It just means you probably shouldn’t stroll into work with them on.
  • Sheer tops: Will a sheer top and latex pants create a sexy, alluring outfit? Absolutely. But your coworkers and boss might object.

Wearing latex pants is a lot like going out on a big fashion limb, but if you choose the right pieces to create your entire outfit, you can look both professional and stylish.

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