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Ankara skirts are hard to miss. By now, you’ve probably seen the bold Ankara skirts brightening up the fashion world. And apart from being a great statement piece, they’re also incredibly versatile and something you can wear to work or weddings.

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, look no further. We’ve got 15 easy ways to style Ankara skirts right here.

A Brief Background of the Ankara Skirts

Ankara skirts have quite an international history. Originally, they were made for the Indonesian market, but they blew up in West Africa, where they’ve become a wardrobe staple for the continent’s fashionistas.

Even though they feature bold, African prints, they work equally well around the world. You’ll see stylish ladies wearing them throughout the United States and Europe, too.

Do you want in? Here’s how you can jump on this iconic bandwagon.

1. Long Sleeve Tee

Because Ankara skirts are quite bold and daring, one of the best ways to wear them well is to pair them with a solid color tee. If you’re wearing a long, maxi Ankara skirt, a long sleeve black tee or white tee is a safe bet.

You can choose from different necklines like boatneck, V-neck or crew neck, depending on the length and waistline of your skirt.

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2. Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

For summer days and evenings, a basic crew neck tee, like this J. Crew Mercantile t-shirt, creates a balanced look: simple on top and lots of attention on your fabulous Ankara skirt.

Of course, you can wear boatneck or V-neck tees, too, it just depends on the shape of your skirt.

3. Crop Top

If you’re wearing a high waisted maxi skirt, a crop top is a winning combination. Your top can be white, black or even match with your skirt. The most important thing is that it draws attention to the narrowest point on your torso before everyone goes Gaga for the beautiful prints on your Ankara.

4. Contrast

One of the key features of Ankara skirts is that the prints themselves are high contrast and visually engaging. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, pump it up a notch by wearing an equally contrasting top.

A sunburst orange tee like this Simlu's keyhole top looks amazing when the Ankara print is primarily azure blue. If your skirt has lots of deep, vibrant greens, wear a fire engine red top to create a big, wow factor.

5. Denim

Wearing a denim or Chambray top is an almost foolproof way to style your Ankara skirt, regardless of the print design. Fashionistas prove again and again that wearing a classic denim button-up is a casual, effortless solution.

6. Graphic Tee

Whether you have a cool graphic tee in grey, cream, white or black, chunky letters can really hold their own alongside a strong design. Or, to play up the West African vibe, pair your skirt with a French-inspired top like this j’adore tee?

7. Belt and Blouse

If you’d like to look a little more professional with your Ankara skirt, dress it up with a crisp white blouse and a brown or black leather belt. It’s an office-appropriate look that embraces a little joie di vivre, too.

8. Front Knots and Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Create a cool, hip look by tying your tee in the front or to the side. It’s a great way to wear a crop top, even if you don’t have one. Off shoulder tops are playful and sexy and make for a great date night outfit.

9. Blazer

Who said you had to wear solid colors in the office? Wearing an Ankara skirt is a fun way to keep your 9 to 5 job from getting too serious. And don’t worry, you can balance even a wild print with a sensible and smart blazer.

10. Pencil Skirt

While we’re on the subject of office attire, consider switching from the traditional black and blue pencil skirts to something a bit more avant-garde. You can always dress it up with a tucked in blouse, or a professional blazer.

11. Matching Tops & Bottoms

Depending on your complexion and the print design, you might be able to get away with a playful crop top and skirt in the same pattern. It’s a fun ensemble that you can wear on vacation, to a summer party, or just for a night out with your favorite girlfriends.

12. Mix & Match Prints

Are you the kind of girl who writes her own fashion rules? If so, go the next step and coordinate Ankara printed skirts with a different Ankara printed top. Not only will you look great, but you’ll inspire others to be more experimental, too.

13. Biker Chic Meets West Africa

If you like to keep your wardrobe a little alternative and edgy, pair your Ankara skirt with leather Chelsea boots, a leather jacket, and even some fishnet stockings.

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14. Bold Jewelry Pieces

Before you choose the perfect necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for your Ankara outfit, make sure you’re wearing a simple and basic top, like a solid colored tee shirt or blouse. That way, your accessories will stand out without getting lost in the strong design of your top and skirt.

15. Let’s Talk About Shoes

When it comes to footwear, you can be super casual or go formal. It’s all up to you. For example, a maxi skirt with flat sandals is instant summer. Going out on a date? Try wedges or stilettos, especially if your Ankara skirt is knee length. You can also pair your skirt with converse sneakers or leather biker boots if you enjoy a more alternative vibe.

Another great fashion tip when it comes to shoes is to pick a secondary color in your Ankara skirt. You can make that color pop by wearing matching heels. You won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in the mirror!

Ankara skirts are a girl’s best friend. You can dress them up or down. You can wear flats or heels. And no matter what your traditional style, there’s always room for this bold statement skirt in your closet.

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