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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But what about a person by the shoes they wear? Can shoes speak volumes about you, your personality and even your work ethic? Believe it or not, shoes really do have a lot to say about their wearer.

In the Journal of Research in Personality, a study called, “Shoes as a source of first impressions” makes it clear that shoes can be used to evaluate others – at least, some of the time.

Here are 19 pairs of shoes and what they mean. Which ones do you wear? And do you think they’re a good match for you?

#1: High-heeled boots

Women who wear high heeled boots are said to be rational, clear-headed thinkers who are self-assured and aren’t afraid of taking charge. In other words, high-heels say, “I’m an assertive leader.”

#2: Ankle boots

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Ankle boots, on the other hand, are said to belong to an aggressive person. But don’t take that the wrong way. Aggressive might be a bit too harsh here. Better, perhaps, is a go-getter and someone who’s energy moves up and out.

These women are the trail blazers, the revolutionaries and the ones who make trends happen.

#3: Running shoes

If you’re into running shoes, it might reveal your confident personality and your passion for setting goals, getting organized and reaching your goals. You don’t have to literally run. You can spin many plates at the same time because you’re such a great multitasker and can manage lots of tasks.

#4: Clogs

Do you love your clogs? If so, see if this rings true.

Clogs can represent a free and wild spirit and someone who loves the great outdoors. That might mean gardening or walking in the woods. It can also indicate a warm and generous spirit who likes to take care of people and serve others.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that people in the service industries wear clogs. Think doctors, chefs, and healthcare personnel.

#5: Flats

Flats are practical shoes but don’t underestimate the women who wear them. They are the silent, behind-the-scene people who make magic happen. They’re orchestrating big events, taking care of the tiny details, and making all the difference – just in a quiet, sublet way. These are the ones who perfect and streamline.

#6: Stilettos

High heels might make women look flippant, superficial and even materialistic. But this isn’t fair to the women who wear them. Women who wear these shoes have lots of drive and incredible work ethic.

Sure, a woman looks sexier in stilettos, but she’s about so much more than looks. Look around her and you’ll see that she’s building a mini empire for herself.

#7: Work boots

Work boots belong to the strategic, analytical types – the ones who like to live with a plan, rather than spontaneously. As opposed to sky-high stilettos, work boots represent being grounded, practical and level-headed.

#8: Flip flops

Women who prefer to make their way through the world in a comfy pair of flip-flops show they’re ready to go with the flow, let things slide and follow their curiosity and bliss. You might not wear them all the time. But when you do, it says, “I’m ready to take a break.” And “I’m ready to take it easy.”

#9: Sneakers

If sneakers are your go-to shoe, it might say you’re an agreeable person who gets along with young and old folks alike. The versatility of the sneaker matches your openness to other people and other ideas.

And just as sneakers can dress up or down, you can move up and down the age spectrum without much trouble.

#10: Wedges

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Do you love a good wedge? It seems that women like you are self-confident and have a strong presence. But they’re also graceful. So, it’s a shoe that plays with opposites in a fun and elegant way. You’re strong and willful, but also graceful and sexy.

#11: Pumps

Say hello to the girl boss. You don’t wear pumps because you lack self-confidence. Instead, you wear them because they’re the only shoe that matches your sense of self, your beauty, and your power.

#12: Loafers

Loafers, like flats, are practical shoes, but loafer wearers tend to be fastidious, detail-oriented and meticulous individuals. If you want a job well done, look for the loafers. These women are often the loyal and conscientious types who pride themselves in a job well done.

#13: Mules

Socialites – those magnetic individuals who love to be in the spotlight – also love to wear mules. They’re the Holly Golightly’s, the charming people, and the ones who just draw people to them.

#14: Expensive shoes

This one is pretty obvious, but women who wear expensive shoes tend to be the ones who can afford them. If you spot a pair of Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin shoes, follow the tracks, and you might find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

#15: Flashy, colorful shoes

Flashy, colorful shoes say a couple things. First, they say you’re a classic extrovert who’s not afraid of attention – and lots of it. But introverts are just as likely to step out with a colorful pair of shoes. Secondly, they can also identify someone who’s a nonconformist.

#16: Shabby shoes

Don’t be too quick to judge someone’s shabby shoes. Extroverts tend to like worn out shoes, especially the sportier ones.

But another thing shabby shoes indicate is a liberal person – someone who’s a bit of a hippie, a free thinker and someone who’s not afraid to take controversial positions on important topics.

#17: Well-kept shoes

If shoes are old, but still well-kept, the wearer is a conscientious individual who pays attention to detail, values their belongings and believes in the long-term possibility of fashion – not fast fashion and passing trends.

However, well-kept shoes can also be a sign that you’re afraid of being judged by others, and that you always try to keep your shoes looking neat and tidy to avoid judgment, rejection, and exclusion.

#18: New shoes

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What if you have a penchant for new shoes and new shoes only? It could very well be that you worry about how you look, and what other people will think of you. Brand new shoes are like a buffer against other people’s criticisms and judgments. Do you agree?

#19: Boring shoes

You might not want to slip on that boring pair of shoes anymore. In contrast to women who wear new or well-kept shoes, boring shoes say, “I don’t care what you think of me.”

And it comes across with the shoes you wear. You don’t care if they’re not interesting, or if they don’t stand out.

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