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You’ve probably heard about airbrush makeup, especially when it comes to the wedding industry. It’s now a popular way to apply makeup for brides, but you can use airbrush makeup for any special occasion.

If you’re not sure if airbrushing is right for you, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this luxury technique.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Everyone knows about traditional makeup. Traditional makeup uses brushes, sponges and even fingertips to put on foundations, concealers, blushes, eyeshadows and so much more.

Traditional makeup is available in both low and high price ranges. You can resort to drugstore brands or go all out with top names like Dolce and Gabbana. Traditional makeup is the typical way to apply makeup, and you’ll find that most women go the traditional route.

So, what is airbrush makeup then? Airbrush makeup uses a small airbrush gun to apply makeup to the skin, instead of the usual tools.

How Does Airbrush Makeup Work?

To apply airbrush cosmetics, the makeup artist uses a small air compressor, that looks like a paintbrush and gun put together. It uses a very small about of product, which is much thinner than traditional makeup products.

Airbrush makeup products have to be thinner in order to spread evenly throughout the mist.

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The Pro’s of Airbrush Makeup

  • Long-lasting Makeup

Typically, airbrush makeup is water- or silicone-based. This ensures that it will hold for up to 16 hours. This is perfect for brides, or women who have long events to attend.

They can enjoy themselves, knowing that their makeup will last throughout their busy day.

  • Hide Unwanted Tattoos

If you’re a bride, you might not want tattoos to interfere with your gorgeous neckline or dress design. Airbrushing over tattoos is a great way to hide them without drawing unwanted attention to that area of your body.

  • Flawless, Even Coverage

Because airbrush makeup is applied in a thin mist across the skin, it leaves your complexion looking absolutely flawless and natural. Your makeup will definitely not look cakey or uneven.

  • Waterproof Makeup

Whether you’re preparing for an emotional day, or just a warm, summery event, waterproof makeup has its advantages. And since most airbrush makeup is silicone-based, it will hold up despite tears or sweat.

If it does start to run, it’s important that you blot the area, instead of wiping or retouching. This will ensure that the natural effect stays for many more hours.

  • Blush and Eyeshadows

Usually, airbrushing is used to apply foundations, contouring, and highlighting. But you can also use it to apply blush, eyeshadows, and even lip shades, too.

  • Minimal Glamour

If you like your makeup to look minimal and simple, but still want to be done up, airbrushing is a great option. With this technique, your natural beauty shines through, and it isn’t covered up with layers and layers of beauty products.

  • Photo-Friendly Makeup

If you know you’re going to be photographed, airbrush makeup is one way to ensure that you’ll look picture-perfect. Airbrushing guarantees that the high definition camera lenses won’t pick up on any of your natural imperfections and blemishes.

The Con’s of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is a special way to look beautiful, but there are some negatives about this technique, too. Before you decide to have your makeup done this way, it’s important to be aware of these cons.

  • Not Suitable for All Skin Types

If you have bad acne or deep scarring, airbrush makeup might not conceal your skin’s flaws very well. In fact, airbrushing might accentuate these trouble spots instead of hiding them.

  • Specialized Skill

You might not be an expert, but you’re probably pretty good at applying your own makeup in the traditional way. But when it comes to airbrush makeup, not everyone can do it. It requires special equipment, specific beauty products and lots of practice.

Some makeup artists spend hours honing in on their skill. They even practice airbrushing paper faces to perfect their artistry. Because it’s a specialized skill, it’s both expensive and more difficult to reapply.

  • Expensive

If you’re planning for your wedding, you’re already prepared to spend a decent amount of money on your appearance. When it comes to airbrushing, your beauty budget will have to be a bit bigger. The price points will differ depending on the salon, their packages, and the experience of the makeup artist.

  • Reapplying Touch-Ups Is Difficult

Since you’re probably not going to carry around an airbrush kit with you or have your makeup artists with you, you can’t rely on this luxurious technique for the entire day. And although you technically can use brushes and sponges to touch up airbrush makeup, it can look inconsistent and messy.

If your makeup does streak due to tears or sweating, you can maintain your airbrushed look by trying the following tips. First, don’t wipe away tears. Instead, brush them up. Secondly, you can apply a similar colored powder if your makeup streaks.

  • Less Variety in Shades and Colors

Airbrush makeup ingredients are made exclusively for airbrushing, and there are not as many color options to choose from. A skilled makeup artist can create a blend that suits your skin, but it might require more time and money in the end.

DIY Airbrush Kits

Airbrushing is generally something reserved for salons and skilled makeup artists, but you can give it a try, too. If you’ve got a natural knack for all things beauty and makeup, you could easily learn to use airbrushing tools to create your own flawless complexion.

Leading airbrush brand, Dinair offers several kits that you can use at home, like this starter kit. You can choose from different shading options with an easy-to-use compressor and airbrush.

Temptu is another airbrush brand favored by amateurs and professionals alike. They’re definitely an investment purchase for your beauty collection, but since airbrushing only uses a very small amount of makeup, you, a little goes a long way.

If you’re planning your wedding day or another special event, airbrush makeup can be a great way to obtain a long-lasting, flawless look. That way, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about your makeup!

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