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Dating During Christmas: How to Use Christmas Magic to Bring More Romance to Your Relationship

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No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, it’s always good to bring more romance into your relationship. And there’s no better time to do that than at Christmas time.

Why? It’s a magical time of year brimming over with perfect date ideas and opportunities to grow closer together. If life with your partner is starting to feel a bit boring, here are 15 ways Christmas magic can add some heat and romance to your relationship.

#1: Christmas Concert or Ballet

There’s nothing quite like dressing up and going to a concert hall to see a live orchestra play traditional Christmas carols or classics like Handel’s Messiah.

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You could also see a top ballet company perform the Nutcracker or a play at your nearby theater. It’s just a perfect date idea for cold, wintery nights.

#2: Enjoy all the Christmas Lights

Even if you don’t go all out with your Christmas lights, lots of other people do, and they’re there for you to enjoy.

If your local town or city has a Festival of Lights, definitely check it out. Otherwise, certain neighborhoods are usually known for their extravagant light displays.

So, hop in the car, play your favorite Christmas music and admire the lights.

#3: Ice Skating

This is just such a fun way to spend an hour or two together – especially if the ice rink is outdoors, and decked with Christmas trees, lights and festive tunes.

Hold hands, flirt, and play. Remember to finish off your night with a warm cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

#4: Bake cookies together

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Baking Christmas-y goods is rewarding. The best way to go about baking together is to go through all of your favorite holiday treats and choose one recipe to try. Most recipes are incredibly easy to do!

Go shopping for the ingredients, put on your favorite playlist and start baking. You can’t beat the results: warm cookies, straight out of the oven, with sugary, buttery scents wafting through the house. Pour a glass of milk, and enjoy some with your sweetheart.

#5: Decorate your Christmas tree

If you and your partner don’t live together, you can still find the perfect Christmas tree and spend an afternoon or evening decorating it. You can also pick out an annual ornament to mark each year you’re together. Over the years. you’ll have a special collection for just the two of you.

Decorating the tree can become your very own Christmas tradition, and you can follow it off with a special meal. Maybe it’s takeaway from your favorite kitchen. Maybe, it’s a home-cooked and slow-roasted meal. Whatever it is, you get to enjoy it in the gentle, glowing light of your new Christmas tree.

#6: Go shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters

For a whole lot of fun, go shopping with just one thing on your list: a big, ugly Christmas sweater. Thrift stores tend to offer a wide selection of truly awful Christmas jumpers – exactly what you need, right?

It can just be a joke between the two of you, or you can get your friends to join you for even more laughs.

#7: Visit a Christmas market

Meander through a Christmas market. It’s a pleasure for the senses, where you get to enjoy warm, spiced wines, vendors selling Christmas-y goods, festive foods, and of course, plenty of opportunities for hand-holding and sneaking a kiss here and there.

#8: Watch your favorite holiday film

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The price of a standard movie ticket is pretty hefty, and Christmas time is already pretty expensive. So, watch your favorite Christmas movie at home instead.

To make it even more special, enjoy a warm cup of eggnog, hot cocoa, some of your homemade Christmas cookies and of course, a warm throw to cuddle up with.

Not sure what to watch? Here are just a few classics, both old and new:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Elf
  • The Holiday
  • Love Actually
  • Home Alone
  • The Bishop’s Wife
  • Meet Me In St. Louis

Or if you want to watch something especially cheesy, there's always Christmas Prince (and its sequel) available on Netflix.

#9: Burn your favorite candles

Dim the lights and turn up the heat with aromatic Christmas candles. If you don’t have any, it’s easy to find festive varieties at this time of year. Favorite scents include pine, spruce, fig, sugar plums, spicy cinnamon, and other warm spices.

Lighting candles instantly transforms your room into a romantic space, and what you do from there is entirely up to you!

#10: Create sexy stockings

Stockings are an age-old Christmas tradition. Typically, you fill them with small gifts and tasty treats. But why not fill them with something just for you and your partner?

Sexy lingerie, intimate items, and anything else that’s special between the two of you is the perfect thing to tuck into your Christmas stockings.

#11: Send a Christmas card to your partner

Our modern-day lives are full of calls, texts, pings, notifications, and “likes”. This is all well and good, and you can keep doing that, but take it a step further and write your partner a romantic Christmas card and send it in the mail.

It’s such a nice surprise, and it’s definitely something they will cherish for years to come.

#12: Fondue night

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Whether you go to a fondue bar or do fondue at home, it’s a different way to eat and definitely something sexy, too. You can do chocolate fondue and dip fruits and biscuits. Or, you can do fondue the Swiss way: gooey cheese perfect for dipping potatoes, bread, meat, and vegetables. What a sumptuous dinner!

#13: “Elf on the Shelf”

This is a clever twist on the old, Christmas tradition of “Elf on the Shelf”, where you leave an elf in unusual places around the house.

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Instead of the elf, take a picture of your partner, and leave it in funny places. It’s a cheeky way to tease each other and shake things up a bit.

#14: Go walking in a winter wonderland

Depending on where you live, Christmas time is often a snowy season. Put on your outdoor gear and go for a crisp walk outside. It might not sound very romantic, but moving with your partner is a great way to boost mood, infuse your conversations with more creativity, and also make your return home that much more special.

Before you leave, make sure you have a special treat waiting for you, like hot chocolate, mulled wine, cookies, or all the ingredients for a tasty homemade meal.

#15: Go Christmas shopping together

The closer you get to Christmas, the more nutty and chaotic the shopping centers become. So, if you decide to make Christmas shopping a romantic affair, make sure your expectations are reasonable. For example, don’t set out to buy everyone on your list the perfect gift.

Instead, make your goal to have fun and spend quality time with each other. The gifts? They’re a bonus!

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