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That relationships get boring after a while is a given. If it hasn't happened to yours yet, give it time. It will. The good news though is, that there are ways to remedy the situation if you are already experiencing boredom. The following tips will help you make your relationship fun and interesting.

Change routine

First you have to talk about the issue. Let your partner know you need more fun in the relationship. Next, change your routine. Relationships become more fun when your activities together aren't strictly done according to schedule. Consider how you feel about the drudgery of your job and the things you wish you could do differently.

Do you always go to the same spot for your dates, eat the same food and all on the same day and time in the week?

Make dates more interesting by eating at different spots. Experiment with Mexican or Oriental food. Or stay in and cook. You could also vary the days you go out on dates.

Have a bucket list for your relationship

Make things interesting by coming up with a bucket list of fun things to do together.
For example, you can plan to go on a road trip to Nevada, learn pottery together, teach your partner calculus, and so forth.

Anything can be on your bucket list, whatever interests you both. Do not stop at having a list, make efforts to do everything on it one after the other. Aim for creating memorable experiences together instead of focusing on an expensive list that may result in a financial strain.

Switch up your bedroom activities

Even sex can be more interesting and fun too. Find out if your partner also believes there's a need for improvement. Then follow up by changing styles of making love. Go from missionary to other more interesting sexual fantasies.

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Encourage each other's hobbies

It is great for your relationship to each live his or her own life. But it is even better when you help each other out with your hobbies or vocation sometimes.

If your partner owns a bar or restaurant, volunteer to clean dishes, glasses or set the chairs on weekends. Or simply coming over to observe them do their thing.

Flirt with your partner

Put a spark in your relationship by flirting with each other, just like you both did when you first met. Relationships get boring when partners think they don't have to tease or flirt anymore. Don't hold back that comment about your partner's butt, smack it even.

Send flirty texts telling your partner what it is you'd like to do to them in bed, or what you'd like them to do to you.

You can bring back the spark in your relationship. When things get boring, don't be quick to conclude that your partner is the problem. For all you know, you may be able to help make things fun and interesting again if you use these tips.

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