Here’s Why You Should Become A “Dog Person”


Dog people vs cat people – a never ending battle between two most loveable pets in the world. Though we all love cats as equally much, there is a good reason why there are far more dog people than cat lovers. Cats are cool, mysterious and intelligent yet dogs are generally outgoing, fun and represent never-ending happiness. Maybe you should also consider becoming a dog person?

Dog person is happier than a cat person

.. and that’s actually quite accurate. Though stereotyping, it can’t be denied that dog people are commonly more outgoing, extraverted and simply cheerful people while cat lovers tend to be introverted, quiet and stay more to the background.

One powerful perk speaking for the popularity of dogs is the time and dedication dogs need. The thing is, a cat doesn’t need your attention as much, neither are they very active nor like long walks. Having a dog means almost like having a 3-year-old run around your house but instead of growing up, they always stay 3-year-old!

More than that, as a responsible dog owner you must take your furry little friend out for a walk at least a couple of times per day which encourages you to be more active and do sports more often. By doing so, you release dopamine which – bangbang! – is the “happiness hormone”. Tadaa – mystery behind the “infinitely cheerful dog people” is solved. Getting a pooch simply means you’ll have a commitment for at least 15 years to go for a walk every single day since you wouldn’t want to make your tiny friend unhappy, would you?

Even if you are a cat person, you should consider making the transition and become a dog person for the very same reason – though cats are cool and fun as well, dogs push you to be active and go out for some fun which will without a doubt make you happier. Or even just when you come home, you’ll have a friend waiting you behind the door and showing you immense happiness when you arrive. Imagine the feeling of having someone jumping up and down for 10 minutes, just because you came home. Those powerful emotions carry over to you, making you instantly feel better. Even if it has been a tough day, you can be sure hugging your four-legged wolfie will make you feel great again.

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Not all dogs act like dogs

There is actually a middle-road for those who would like to get a dog but love the independent nature of a cat. Some dog breeds have equally feisty temperament, are eager to keep themselves clean and groomed and would love to hang out more on your lap than roll around in mud all day.

One of the best examples of cat-like pooches is Shiba Inu who besides looking heavenly adorable is a smart, loyal companion who doesn’t like messy surroundings and will happily spend the whole day curled up in bed. Same goes for puppies like Poodles, Papillons, Vizslas and even Italian Greyhounds. If you are a first-time dog owner, then it might be especially helpful getting a big calmer dog rather than going straight for a Rotweiler or a Husky.

Whoever is the lucky pooch to find a way to your home and your heart, you can be sure it’s a decision you will not regret. Even if you have never considered to be a dog lover, once you see those little bright eyes looking at you with admiration, you will understand what a joy this little pet can bring to you. Sometimes you really can play both teams and be a dog person and a cat person at the same time.