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They worked with you or for you for decades, but retirement is drawing near. You’d like to thank them for their loyal support over the years, but what should you choose? Presumably, it should be something they’ll frequently use – an item that awakens fond memories of their friends and colleagues back at work.

Whatever it is, it has to be special. Perhaps you'll find the inspiration you need right here! Check out these ideas for retirement gifts that will be treasured.

A high-quality clock

Traditionally, watches are given to retiring employees, but a clock is likely to be a more durable alternative. Clock gifts will be given pride of place on the mantelpiece while a watch may or may not be worn.

It’s a classic way of thanking people for their time – the gift of a timepiece. Choose a real beauty that’s sure to delight your retiree for many years to come.

Travel gear

If the person who is about to retire plans to spend time travelling now that they are free to do what they please, luggage or other travel gear expresses your good wishes for their coming adventures.

If they’ve been telling everyone at work their plans, you may be onto a winner with matched luggage set that shows you were listening!

An item that matches their hobbies

With more time to spend on their hobbies, your retirement gift could be a good way to show your appreciation for years of service. A person who loves painting, for example, would love a selection of blank canvases to play with, DIY enthusiasts may appreciate special tools, and a person who keeps fish might like an exotic addition to their collection.

Perhaps your retiree loves going to the gym and can benefit from a fitness monitor. This gift requires a good knowledge of the person and their hobbies, so choosing the right item is a great way of recognizing them as an individual.

A work-related ornament

From framed uniforms to photo collages and even bronzed versions of their favourite tools, work-related gifts that can be put on display could be a meaningful and unusual retirement gift.

If you’d like to choose something work-related but more unobtrusive, a reference book that reflects their specialty will be valued, especially if wellwishers sign the flyleaf.

Memorable experience, plus a small memento

Lasting memories are made through experiences. Choose one that matches your employee’s preferences and offer it to them as a gift.

Sponsor a weekend away, buy concert tickets, or choose an activity they’ll love. As a physical reminder, a small gift puts the icing on the cake – even if it’s just a little knick-knack.

Don't forget to turn the presentation into a special event

Whether you sponsor a full-blown party or choose a decorous tea and cake event, a gathering of colleagues to give your retiree a memorable send-off is an absolute must. Hand over your gift and let the applause ring out.

There will be tears, but this parting will be remembered as a high point. And that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

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