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There is nothing worse when it comes to clothing than wearing a brand new snow-white sweater or a dress and spilling wine or spaghetti sauce on it.

You could imagine the precious white item is ruined forever BUT the good news is you don't need to worry since there are many tricks and tips that can help you!

Here's exactly how to remove stains from your white fabrics.

Don't use bleach

It's made to make the clothing item whiter but don't rush to using bleach as it can make the white whiter but that doesn't mean it can remove stains or yellow spots.

Therefore, steer away from bleach or use only that's based on hydrogen peroxide.

Use sparkling water, not tap water

Sparkling water has been proven to be more successful in many cases when trying to remove stains.

However, when you do use tap water, never ever use warm or hot water! Warmth helps to set the stains even better so warm water will do you more harm than good.

Remember the rule: always cold water, if possible, then sparkling one.

Scrub with salt

This step is better for jeans and other rougher materials that won't suffer when you scrub the material. After you have soaked the stain in cold water, put salt on it and start scrubbing. The abrasive qualities of salt will help to grind out the stain.

After that just put some soap on the stain and scrub some more – that will do the trick!

However, if the clothing item is more delicate, then never ever do the scrubbing, it will ruin the perfect material forever. In those cases, you just have to trust good old soaking.

Lemon juice and white vinegar are your friends

Both lemon juice and white vinegar are highly acidy products, helping to “burn” off the stains.

Don't wait

The longer you wait with cleaning the stain, the better the chance that that bad boy will stay on the garment forever.

Wash the clothing item right away or if you are dealing with a delicate fabric that can't be washed easily like silk, wool or cashmere, take the item to the dry cleaners RIGHT away!

Cornstarch + oily stains = miracle

When you have oily stains, sprinkle cornstarch on it and let it rest 10-15 minutes. After that just rub it off and sprinkle some lemon juice or vinegar. That should do the trick!

There you go – these simple pointers are all you need to know about removing stains. Just keep sparkling water in your reach and use as many natural products (like lemon juice) as possible. Bleach might work in some cases but if possible, try to use natural ingredients.

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