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Christmas is a time of giving and showing those around us how much we appreciate them, and how grateful we are to have them in our lives. While we all know that it’s not the grand gestures and money that count, sometimes we still want to really spoil our loved ones, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to do so.

Here are a few ideas for really special Christmas gifts that will impress the people in your life and make them feel spoiled and loved.


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, shiny diamond to match with their Christmas getup? Whether you’re shopping in the ring department, a necklace they’ve had their eye on for a while, or a special pair of earrings that you know will make their eyes sparkle, you can rarely go wrong with a good quality diamond. 

Investing in a special piece like Kimberfire's trusted Diamond Jewelry will make your partner, mother or any other special person in your life feel beautiful and most importantly, loved by you.


Luxury items like watches are timeless and you can almost never go wrong here. Whether you’re shopping for a man or woman in your life, as long as you know their personal style, this is a perfect and very special gift.

When it comes to watches, there’s something for everyone. Classic metal or leather bands for the sophisticated, a modern smartwatch for tech lovers, or something more rugged and sporty for your adventure-loving pals. 


A luxury perfume or cologne is another timeless gift. However, this one can be a little tricker. You don’t want to purchase something they might not like, so reserve this gift for the people in your closest circle, who you know best of all.

Make sure you know (or can find out) their favourite or signature scents and buy them a bottle of something you know they love. It’s a real spoil and they’ll be flattered that you know what they like!

New tech

This is a broad category, but investing in good quality devices that you know they’ll love and use is always a good idea for a gift. Think cameras, new laptops, smart devices, air pods, or anything else that you know they’ll absolutely love. 

Bonus points if you buy them something you know they want but would never spend the money on for themselves.

Designer clothing or accessories

Everyone likes a little luxury in their lives, and what better place to put it than in your wardrobe? Designer items like shoes, handbags and clothing are a great investment to make for those you love.

Buy them something you know they’ve had their eye on, or something that you personally think will make them look stunning – and tell them so! 

Good quality investment pieces will always go down well, especially for someone who is conscious about their closet. An alternative is to gift them with a voucher to a store or brand they love – it might feel less personal but you’ll know for a fact that they’ll be getting what they want. 

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