2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace

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You may have invested a lot of effort and money in picking your outfit, but without the right shoes to match, it all might come to naught. Remember that there are shoes for every season. Furthermore, every season has a trend. This summer is no different. However, you do not have to rob a bank to get a pair of the trendiest shoes; a shoe palace coupon will greatly help in slicing off the price.

That said, there is a touch of the old in the new collections, but designers have not disappointed in their innovation. From multiple buckles to super thin straps, you are simply spoilt for choice.

1. Feathered Flats and Heels

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Feathered shoes

Maybe no one imagined that feather could ever find a place on a shoe. Well, it has, and beautifully. If you really want to turn heads by pulling an exceptional look, go for the feathered shoes.

Whether you prefer high heels over flats or vice versa, you have the chance to enjoy your moment of fame by letting the plumage on your shoes steal the attention from everyone else for you. You can get the feathers on the straps or the heel of your shoes.

2. Multiple Buckles

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Multiple buckles

In the 2019 summer, don’t be surprised if you come across buckled stilettos and flats. While they give credence to the universally-accepted feminine look, they come with a fair amount of boldness.

You can take your footwear to the next level by adorning yourself in multiple buckles or going the simple way by choosing single-buckles. Either way, you will make a strong fashion statement.

3. Structural Heels

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Structural heels

They are nothing less than fascinating pieces of art. The structural heels are solid evidence of the never-drying stream of ingenuity in the shoe-design industry. They come in a number of geometrical designs including spherical heels, managing to provide a sense of art and uniqueness.  In order to narrow down the attention to your shoes, dress simple.

4. Teva Sandals

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Teva sandals

They may have been considered written off and forgotten but Tevas will survive into this year’s summer. While the original Teva look may be preserved, there is no ruling out new styles. They include crisscrossing the straps while maintaining the practical thick soles.

5. Square Toes

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Square-toe shoes

If you are tired of wearing or seeing the pointed shoes that so heavily dominated the footwear fashion scene in 2018, here is a respite. Square-toed shoes are set to hit big in the 2019 summer and it is time to get a shopping palace coupon to acquire them cheaply.

Even better news is the fact that they come in a variety of colors. Spoil yourself.

6. Thin Straps

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Thin straps

If you want to maintain a completely feminine look, there is something special for you. Thin strap sandals may easily become the top footwear trend in the 2019 summer. Apart from the daintiness, the colors are alluring.

7. Sea-inspired Sandals

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Sea-inspired shoes

If you love sea life, here is something to express your passion. Rope sandals give a sudden urge to book the next vacation to the Riviera or Caribbean. While you may not have the time or the budget for such a getaway, you can still live your dreams this summer by just getting your hands on a pair.

8. Bright Sneakers

2019 Summer Shoe Trends from Shoe Palace - Bright sneakers
Getty / Peter White

Sneakers are not going away anytime soon. Thankfully, they have been reinvented enough to be exciting as well as comfortable as ever. If you are planning for a bit of action in the 2019 summer, a pick from the brightly-hued collection will give you a trendy look while doing it.


Summer is a time to breathe, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Like all seasons, however, summer comes and goes. Give yourself a reason to remember the 2019 summer by buying a pair or two of the trendiest shoes from shoe palace.

Although most of the designs mentioned here were first sighted on fashion runways, you can still afford them when they hit the stores. Keep in mind that you can get the benefit of using a shoe palace coupon to get discounts on the price of your best pick of summer shoes.

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