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Interview: Katie O’Rear, Dark-Haired Beauty from Michigan

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Zerxza.com is excited to present in our January spotlight a gorgeous Michigan model Katie O’Rear. Katie, 23, is turning heads everywhere with her dashing presence, beautiful features, and the love for Cosplay (which she has one several awards for).

Katie can also be found in Model Mayhem. If you are looking for a model that will be a true professional, is as natural on heels as one could ever be, and loves to pose with animals, then Katie is the gal you should turn to.

Photo: Rose Prebola | Makeup: Rose Prebola | Model: Katie O’Rear

What made you get into modeling? How did you get started?

I was actually discovered in a cafe in Ferndale Michigan in 2010. Once I was discovered, I really pushed hard to get to where I am. Going strong ever since!

Has it been an easy road?

No, it has not been an easy road. Many things can and will go wrong.

What has been the absolute most awesome moment during your career? Why that moment?

Definitely when I get on the cover of a magazine, when I end up on tv, or as a special guest at a convention.  It just validates that I am doing something right.

Photo by: Jack Parinello | Makeup Katie O’Rear | Nails: Katie O’Rear | Model: Katie O’Rear

What is the craziest photoshoot you have ever done?

I have been covered in wet paint in the snow. I have laid in freezing cold waterfalls in October. I am willing to do just about anything to get the perfect shot!

Is the industry everything you expected?

Yes, for the most part, people are super supportive of each other and highly professional. However, there are always the stereotypical “mean girls” of the industry or creepy photographers. It really all comes down to avoiding the drama when you can and using it to propel yourself forward when you can’t escape it.

Photo by: Jack Parinello | Makeup Katie O’Rear | Nails: Katie O’Rear | Model: Katie O’Rear

Has modeling had an impact on your social life?

Yes, you lose a lot of people you considered friends when you get involved in this industry, it happens and you just need to move on with your life when it does. There is no point in dwelling on the past when there is so much to look forward to in the future.

Have you ever thought about some items like “Hey, this is cool, I’d keep that!”?

Yes, I have, there have been a few dresses that were super cute and I wish I could have kept them!

How often does it happen that you can model with something suitable for your own personal taste?

Very often, I can wear just about anything!

Photo by: Jack Parinello | Makeup Katie O’Rear | Nails: Katie O’Rear | Model: Katie O’Rear

How do you deal with situations where you really hate the look?

I just try to make it look the best I can. If it is unflattering I usually let the photographer know.

Where can we see your work?

You can find my work in several magazines. Up to and including: Sheeba Magazine, Ethereal Arts Magazine, Freque Magazine, and many more!

You can also find my work on Facebook at either www.facebook.com/katieorearmodel or www.facebook.com/2models1controller or on instagram @Katieorearmodel or @2modelsonecontroller.

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