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The Coolest 2019 Summer Makeup Trends: Say Yes to Bronzer and Vivid Colors

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The spring is finally here and that means only one thing: it's time to ditch the winter attire, flash your legs with your favorite skirt and, of course, play around with makeup as well! During wintertime, it's hard to think about having fun with makeup since the harsh temperature just makes you want to crawl back under the blanket. Well, all that is about to change now with the warm sun being upon us.

Spring/summer 2019 catwalks have revealed some intriguing trends that you can expect popping out this year both in the makeup isles as well as in Instagram. 2019 summer brings us even more colors – vivid, bold, bright are the keywords to think about. At the same time though, naked eye makeup is preferred. Looks like the time of long lashes is over!

Here are the main 2019 makeup trends you can replicate easily yourself as well.

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Bronzer is back and better than ever

Image: Alberta Ferretti/harpersbazaar.com

Bronzer has been somewhat of an underdog for a while as the pale look and rosy cheeks reigned over it and it was used only for slight contouring. Spring/summer 2019 catwalk made bronzed cheeks a thing again though – and the more the merrier!

The sunkissed effect is something to aspire towards this summer, so opt for a subtle metallic hue that makes your cheeks look like as if you're a goddess. Ah, imagine how the sun will sparkle on your bronzer-covered face… The time to shine is now!

How to get the look: Check out the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter which leaves your face silky smooth and is packaged with essential vitamins.

No-makeup makeup look

2019 summer makeup trends - no makeup

Who really enjoys walking around with a thick coat of makeup when it's steamingly hot outside? Not many. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the no-makeup makeup look still reigns in 2019 as well.

Forget spending hours in front of the mirror, trying to get the eyeliner perfect – this year, you can just walk around the way you are, completely natural. Just throw on your favorite lipgloss and, if you'd like, cover up some blemishes but remember the first rule of this year's makeup: embrace your natural beauty. It doesn't need to be covered since you're the most beautiful when you're natural.

How to get the look: Just be yourself! But for a little extra touch, check out the L.A. Colors High Shine lip gloss that gives your lips a bit of shine (and it doesn't cost even $5!).

L.A. COLORS High Shine Shea Butter Lip Gloss, Clear, 0.14 Ounce
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Let the skin glow

Image: harpersbazaar.com

The natural look goes even further than just wearing little to no makeup. As strange as it seems, glowing skin that even looks a little oily is becoming even more popular than it already is. We've all seen how our favorite Instagrammers rock the glowing skin and now it's your turn.

To nail the look, opt for lightweight makeup foundation and a bit of facial oil that gives you that fresh radiant shine.

How to get the look: Take a look at the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil that keeps your skin hydrated at all times.

Smoky eyes

Image: harpersbazaar.com

The main direction this year seems to be a balance between strong eyes and naked lips or strong lips and naked eyes. While the all-natural look reigns strongly, smoky eyes are making a comeback too but they're paired with light foundation and natural lips. Let your eyes do all the talkin' and give yourself the edgy punk-chic vibe.

How to get the look: To replicate this classic makeup look, check out BYS 12-color smokey eyeshadow palette that has all the colors you need to create your own version of sexy smoky eyes.

Things are just peachy

Image: Antonio Marras/harpersbazaar.com

Peach is like the quintessential spring-summer color, representing everything we love about this time of the year: warmth and energy. If you're a peach-lover, this is the trend for you. Catwalks are blooming with matching peachy eye and lip makeup. The key to this trend is the monochromatic look: peachy tones are used both on the lips and eyes, maybe a little bit even on the cheeks.

The good news is that this cute trend will take away that hassle of trying to match your eyes with your lips. Just pick out your favorite peachy pastel tone and rock that in your whole makeup.

How to get the look: Check out the BYS Peach eyeshadow palette that has both matte and metallic tones – something for every occasion.

Striking lips

Image: Escada/harpersbazaar.com

As we mentioned, the theme this year is putting all focus in one place – either lips or eyes – or just going completely natural. Red lips have always been there to support you and empower you but this summer, strikingly neon lips are making their way back even stronger.

The key: naked eye makeup. This summer you can just wake up, put on your favorite red lipstick and go out. The “I-woke-up-like-this-and-threw-on-lipstick” look is what you'll want to achieve.

How to get the look: You probably already have a favorite red lipstick in your makeup bag! But if not, L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick will surely fit you with its stunning bright red tone.

Neon eyeliner

Image: Christian Siriano/harpersbazaar.com

If smoky eyes aren't really up your alley, you can switch out the dark colors for a pop of color on your eyelids. Neon eyeliners were seen all over the 2019 spring/summer catwalks. Putting on makeup can feel like a chore sometimes, so this fun eyeliner trend is just what we needed: it will remind you that putting on makeup is fun!

Alyaka Beauty Advent Calendar Luxe 2020

How to get the look: To create the fabulous neon look, all you need is this NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette that features 16 rich tones – something for every taste.

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