5 Great Activities to Help Your Child Master Spelling

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Do you have a child who is struggling with spelling? Maybe they aren’t struggling but you just want to be sure that they have the tools, resources, and help needed to succeed. Spelling doesn’t always come naturally for kids, so finding ways to make it fun can offer huge benefits. If kids think it’s just a fun game or activity, their mindset changes completely, making the entire process smoother.

So if you’re a parent who wants to help their child master spelling here are five great activities that are sure to help.

Turn difficult spelling into catchy raps, rhymes, and songs

Have you ever tried making a song or a rhyme out of something you need to remember? For many people, this can be a great memorization technique regardless of their age. You can apply that same concept to spelling, especially the difficult-to-spell words.

Create a rhyme, song, or rap with the letters so kids remember it easier. It’s the kind of thing that they will remember not just for days and weeks, but likely forever. Remember, repetition is key so have them repeat it time and again.

Play a word-based game together

If your child loves board games and games in general, you can use that to apply to the word-based option. Scrabble Jr is an excellent example, as it’s meant for kids and will help them to improve and expand their vocabulary. To ensure they don't get frustrated or feel stuck with their letters, they can use a tool like Unscramble since it’s free and easy to use.

Other word-based games that you can play either with the board, book, or cards or online through an app include word searches, crosswords, Words with Friends, Boggle, Hangman, Word Ladder, Lingo, I Spy, Bananagrams, and much more. Just make sure the game you choose is appropriate for their age, and there may even be a kids’ or junior version available.

Say the words out loud – sound them out

Because each person is unique and will learn in different ways, your child may respond better to sound. Saying the word out loud and taking care to properly sound it out can do wonders for their spelling. Have them repeat the word to you, sounding it out slowly. This can be a lightbulb moment for kids, as they hear sounds that they recognize and know how to spell.

This technique tends to be even more useful for older kids who are trying to spell more complex words. If your child does respond best to sound, then have them recite the spelling out loud and repeat it many times.

Read to and with your child

Reading should play a very important part in helping your child master spelling. Both reading out loud to them and having them read to you will be incredibly helpful. It will build their knowledge base and fill them with confidence. To ensure that kids stay engaged, pick books that appeal to their personality, interests, and age.

Have your child start a journal

And just as reading is important, so is writing. A journal is an easy and effective way to help them with spelling. They can write a short passage each day that you can then read over and check for spelling issues. If your child is a little older, encourage them to use bigger words and also check for grammar issues when reading it over.

Learning to spell doesn’t have to be a negative experience

By using these tips you’ll be able to turn a negative experience into a positive one, as you want your child to have a passion for learning even when it comes to spelling.

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