What to Wear to an Office Halloween Party: Do's and Don'ts for Your Office Party

What to Wear to an Office Halloween Party: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Office Party

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us have the day already booked and have received their Halloween party invitations so it’s about time to start thinking about what to wear to the party. In many companies it’s a tradition to throw a Halloween party at the office as a means of networking and […]

18 Fun and Spookylicious Halloween Cookies

18 Fun and Spookylicious Halloween Cookies

One of the reasons I love Halloween is baking. Ah, imagine those tiny cookies & cupcakes you can make! The creative ways to make awesome Halloween cookies are endless and therefore we decided to make your life a little bit easier, by introducing these delicious Halloween treats. When you are serving cookies like these, it’s […]

How To Dress Your Pets For Halloween: Adorable Pet Costumes

How To Dress Your Dogs For Halloween: 19 Adorable Dog Costumes

Who says your furry friend can’t have fun with some creative holiday costumes? They sure can! Even though it might feel off for some to dress their dog for Halloween, we can’t deny there are some utterly adorable dog costumes that are simply too good to deny. Let’s be honest, as dog owners, we have […]

How To Make Halloween Props On Budget: Paper Halloween Decorations

How To Make Halloween Props On Budget: 13 Cool Paper Halloween Decoration DIY’s

If you live in the kind of a neighborhood where holiday decorations are taken so seriously as if a life depended on it, you know what a struggle it is to keep up with the pace of the whole block. Putting some pumpkins on the front porch is just not going to cut it – […]

Last Minute Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

16 Last Minute Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas On Budget

With Halloween knocking behind the door, most of us are probably already wondering about what to wear on that spooky eve. However, with the busy lifestyles we have on a daily basis it can be rather difficult to make preparations for Halloween. So, what do if you are invited to an Halloween party but you […]

Coolest Halloween Cocktails for Your Halloween Party

15 Coolest Halloween Cocktail Recipes for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is the best time of the year for experimenting with new exiting drinks. Cool color combinations, out-of-the-ordinary ingredients and spooky look – you just got to love Halloween cocktails! Why settle for something ordinary if you can get groovy. The best thing about serving cocktails is the time spent on making them. All these […]

epic halloween costume fails

When Halloween Costumes Go Wrong: 21 Epic Halloween Fails

If there’s one thing Internet is really good for, it’s laughs and oh my what fabulous laughs Halloween costumes can bring. We all know that feeling when something is really good in our thoughts but after crafting the thing it doesn’t really … well, represent the same thing. That’s the case with the costumes in […]

best halloween celebrations to visit with family

10 Coolest Halloween Celebrations In U.S. To Visit With Family This Year

October means only one thing: it’s time to kickstart Halloween celebrations! If you have little ones in your family, then you have surely started planning the day. Though usually Halloween is celebrated at home, trick and treating around the neighborhood, there are actually amazing celebrations taking place all across the country! This year, why not […]