Hand Skincare: Combating Dryness During the Winter

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If you have experienced uncomfortably dry hands during the winter, you know how critical it is to properly care for your hands to ideally never experience that again.

While we hear about skincare in general a lot, handcare isn’t always a leading topic but it is also really important to find a good routine for so that your hands are better prepared to combat dryness and the harsh winter elements. Without proper hand skincare, your hands can quickly feel dry, chapped and red in the winter months.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your hands to avoid the detrimental effects of winter.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol

Alcohol is an ingredient that unfortunately, can be found in many skincare products out there.

Alcohol quickly dries out the skin, and while you are applying products to your hands you don’t want it to be doing the reverse effect or simply just not working as you want it to because of one ingredient. Keep an eye out for alcohol, specifically in hand sanitizers as well as hand lotions.

Hydrate regularly

Consistent hydration is critical for your hands to help them stay moisturized and feeling good! Use rich hand creams with good ingredients like the ones from the brand BL+, as they are products that are a result of the combination of nature and science, you can learn more about the interesting Blue Lagoon Skincare story on their website.

These good ingredients, alcohol not included, will help to hydrate your hands and it is also just feels great to use them!

Wear gloves

When your hands come into direct contact with harsh elements, a lot of the steps you’ll take are more reactive rather than preventive.

So take the preventive step of wearing gloves as much as possible to provide that physical barrier from the elements. Wear rubber ones when doing housework and using cleaning products that will dry out the skin more, and wear mittens/gloves when spending time outside.

Exfoliate x1 week

Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a smooth surface to better absorb hand creams and products. Use a gentle physical exfoliant or a chemical one once a week on your hands, and you will notice a difference!

This is also an easy step to do if you simply exfoliate your hands with the leftover product that you use to exfoliate your face rather than rinsing off any excess product.

Apply SPF daily

SPF isn’t a product that you just want to use during the summer months and solely on your face. The rays are still strong during the winter, and extra sun exposure will cause more stress and dryness for your hands, particularly if they get a little sunburn. So apply SPF daily, especially on the back of your hands.

If your hands need a little extra TLC, you can use special overnight treatments like an overnight hydrating mask to give those nourishing products more time to absorb.

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