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Geometric makeup hit the runways in 2017 and it wasn’t long before Instagram was flooded over with angles, edges, bold colors and striking shapes around the eyes.

Geometric makeup is still an amazing look to pull off today. And we can admire the elaborate makeup looks that transform an entire face into a bona fide piece of art.

But it’s safe to say that’s not a practical look for most days. So, today we’re sharing some amazing geometric makeup eye looks that you can try.

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Makeup tips and tricks

If you watch a makeup tutorial, you’ll be able to see exactly which products makeup artists use to create their geometric eyes.

But there are a couple smart tips to keep in mind, along with some top products to keep in your makeup bag.

Here are the basics for your most successful makeup look.

Simple geometric eye makeup

Makeup artist, Misuzu Miyake, creates amazing, minimalistic eye looks that even the most humble home artist can pull off. Yes, including you!

Her geometric eye look reinvents the basic black eyeliner look. Instead of lining the edge of the eyelid, use a liquid eyeliner to trace a line across the middle of the upper eyelid.

Then, when you reach the edge, add leave-shaped flecks for an easy, edgy look.

Tutorials for simple geometric eye makeup

If this is the first time you’re branching out into the world of geometric makeup, you might want to follow a tutorial to guide you. This Graphic Eyeliner Tutorial is an easy guide for a simple geometric look.

If you can’ get enough, here’s another Graphic Liner Tutorial for a basic geometric eye makeup look.

More simple looks to try:

Colored geometric eye makeup

Another look from Miyake is absolutely electric. Here, she uses a royal blue eyeliner to color the upper eyelid and finishes it off with a bold zig-zag.

For contrast, you can add a simple white curve in the crease. This look is easy but it definitely stands out.

You can also channel your inner superhero with this one-color cat eye. Here, Miyake goes with one solid shadow for an exaggerated shape around the eye. And if you’d like a bit more dimension, use a darker shadow along the lower lashline.

Colored geometric tutorials

If you want a top tutorial for a colorful look, this Graphic Liner, Negative Space, Cut Crease Look is a lifesaver.

This Negative Space Cut Crease Tutorial shows you how to get a show-stopping look with color, contrast, and glitter.

For a bright and sunny geometric look, this Tricolor Eye Look Tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide, too.

More colored looks to try:

Artsy geometric eye looks

Miyake steps it up a notch with an artistic color block eye look. Depending on your skin tone, you can experiment with the right mix of colors to make a bold impression and make you look fabulous.

For this look, pair your makeup with simple neutral clothing, like a black maxi dress or a white shift top. After all, your eyes are your best accessory with a look like this.

Artsty geometric eye tutorials

For an all-in-one look that gives you cat eyes, sparkle, and upside geometric shapes, try this Glitter Metallic Triangle Eye Makeup Tutorial. And what’s more, you can choose different colors and shades to suit your complexion.

More artsy geometric eye looks to try:

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Advanced geometric eye makeup looks

When you feel confident and ready, you can break out into some seriously advanced eye looks. They’re totally worth the extra time and effort.

And while you might not spend your nine-to-five workday looking like this, they’re fun for a night out.

Tutorials for advanced geometric eye makeup looks

For an upbeat and sassy guide, check out this Helix Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial. You can combine all the gels, creams and colors you want to create a super cool helix.

For something way out there, you’ll want to watch a Geometric Eye & Lip Art Tutorial. You’ll get a space-y eye look that very few people are brave enough to try. But you can!

For a quick roundup of some of the top eye makeup tutorials for more advanced looks, look no further than this Eye Makeup Tutorial Compilation to give geometric makeup looks your best shot.

For a multicolor, geometric look that’s artsy, modern and superhero-appropriate, this Geometric Eye Makeup Sleek Tutorial is fun. You can also choose different colors depending on what you like and what you have in your makeup stash.

On the other hand, this relaxing Graphic Winged Eyeliner with Glitter Tutorial shows you how to create a graphic glitter eye makeup look.

More advanced geometric eye makeup looks to try:

Geometric makeup might not be an everyday affair, but it’s a fun way to branch out when you need a little makeup inspiration and want to shake up your look a little – or a lot!

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