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There are so many makeup products available, and even more looks and tutorials to try. Some women like full coverage with lots of product. Others go for the no-makeup look. Then there’s everything in between. And while makeup is a very personal choice and a pretty subjective affair, is there ever such thing as too much make up? Can you go overboard?

There are many different ways to have too much makeup – from the time and money you spend on cosmetics, to the health problems you can experience due to cosmetic products. Here are 14 ways to know if you’re using too much makeup.

  1. You spend too much time on your makeup

If your makeup routine takes more than 15 minutes, you might want to ask yourself if it’s because you’re a perfectionist who likes to take her time. Or, because you just use too much makeup. If your beauty routine is more important than fitting in a good workout or eating breakfast, maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities.

And finally, if you’re always running late because of how long it takes to apply your products, you might be applying too many.

  1. You spend more money than you should on makeup

Cosmetics can be pretty expensive. And yes, sometimes it’s important to invest in high-quality formulas.

But if you’re choosing to spend your paycheck on the latest Fenty obsession instead of your groceries or pending utility bills, maybe this much makeup is too much makeup.

  1. Your skin is so dry from all the makeup

Too much makeup can actually ruin your skin. In fact, foundations can leave you with dull, flaky skin. And that can pave the way for cracks and wrinkles, which starts a vicious cycle of wearing more foundation to cover up your poor skin.

  1. You have acne and breakouts

If you tend to wear long-lasting products, they really sink into your skin and these formulas can clog your pores and cause skin breakouts. What’s more, certain ingredients, like harmful chemicals, can actually cause allergic reactions in some women.

So, if you notice redness, rashes, itchiness and other symptoms of a skin allergy, it’s probably a sign that you’re wearing too much makeup.

  1. You can see makeup on your clothes and bedsheets

If you find foundation marks on your clothing, as well as makeup on your pillowcases and bedsheets, that might be a good indication that there’s a little bit too much product on that pretty face of yours.

  1. Your under-eye primer is actually noticeable

Primers and concealers are supposed to even out your skin tone and cover up dark spots.

But too much primer can actually have the opposite effect and leave you with white raccoon circles under your eyes, and that can really detract from your natural beauty.

  1. People say you look like a clown or villain

Now, there’s a fine line between listening to other people’s opinion and ignoring them altogether – especially when it comes to your own sense of beauty.

But if someone tells you that you look like a clown, it might be a good idea to take note, because chances are, you’re not getting ready for Halloween. You’re just wearing makeup, but is it too much?

  1. You look so different without makeup that no-one recognizes you

Some people believe that makeup should enhance your natural beauty, but it’s pretty subjective, and you can do with that what you will.

But if you look like a completely different person with your makeup on, are you wearing too much of it? Maybe you love the way you look naturally and just have fun wearing lots of makeup. But is there something you’re not in love with, which all that makeup is hiding?

  1. Taking your makeup off takes at least 15 minutes

Anyone who wears makeup knows just how important it is to remove it from your skin at the end of the day – all of it. But if you have so much that it takes you more than 15 minutes to be bare-faced again, there’s probably too much product in the first place.

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  1. Your lipstick ends up on your teeth

A siren red lip or a pretty nude pout is all well and good, but not if the lipstick ends up on your teeth. And that can happen when you’ve layered it on too thick.

So, instead of adding layer upon layering of lip product, consider choosing a different color so that with one application, you’ve got just the right shade for your lips.

  1. Your mascara makes you look like a raccoon

A good mascara will add a fun touch of va-va-voom, but too much mascara will smudge and fall below your eyes, making you look like a raccoon. Not only is this not a good look, but it’s also a big nuisance to fix your makeup after that happens!

  1. You can see a distinct color difference between your face, neck, and chest

A good foundation should blend well with your complexion, but if you wear the wrong color or too much foundation, it can end up looking like you have two different skin tones.

This looks unprofessional and even if you’re excellent at what you do, your appearance can detract from your performance.

  1. Your re-touch sessions are taking over the day

Touch-ups are completely normal if you wear makeup – especially if you want it to last all day. And depending on the weather, or the type of formula you wear, or when your last meal was, you will have to touch up your makeup to keep it looking fresh.

But if you’re constantly touching up and adding even more product, it might indicate that you have too much makeup.

  1. Eyebrows look like a line drawing

Eyebrow pencils, fillers, and fine plucking are all perfectly good ways to keep your eyebrows looking fine. But if instead of eyebrows, you have a fine line arching above your eye, this might be a bit over the top.

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