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Cheat Days Are Not Okay: Scientists Prove That Even Short Sugar Binges Hurt You

Have you also lived by the common principle: eat well throughout the week, then indulge on sweets during the weekend since it won't harm...

Myth Busted: Sugary Treats Aren't Actually Mood-Boosting

If Candy Crush has taught us something, it's how sugary treats can make us feel happy and energized. Isn't sugar the reason why we...

The Connection Between Sugar & Lung Cancer: Is It Real?

Cancer is a terrible disease both in the United States and the rest of the world. In the US alone, the National Cancer Institute...

Everything You Need to Know About Sugars | Healthy Eating Series

When you think of sugar, your mind probably flies to that spoonful you added to your coffee this morning. Or, to that bowl of...
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